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Jaylen Brown Should Be On The Chicago Bulls’ Radar This Summer


In a summer where many franchise-altering decisions are set to be made, making a run at disgruntled Celtics’ star Jaylen Brown is worth checking in on for the Bulls. While DeMar DeRozan is seeking a max extension, and Nikola Vucevic is likely headed elsewhere, Zach LaVine would be looking for his next running mate. Insert the 26-year-old shooting guard who’s already made two All-Star teams and a Finals appearance. Would Chicago be a good landing spot for the recently aggravated star?

Trouble In Boston

The prospect of Jaylen Brown moving elsewhere stems from a recent report by The Ringer, where Brown sounded off on being underappreciated and gave the impression he wasn’t fully committed to sticking around in Boston for the long haul. There have been murmurs since he and Jayson Tatum joined forces that both wanted to be the ‘alpha’ in town and felt they deserved to be the focal point of the franchise.

Concerns rose even higher when he heard rumors surrounding his name and the Brooklyn Nets, who were actively dealing Kevin Durant following Kyrie Irving’s departure and Durant’s trade request.

Swap DeRozan For Youth

Bringing in Jaylen Brown would likely mean parting ways with, in many ways, the heart and soul of the Chicago Bulls the last two seasons, DeMar DeRozan. DeRozan has already been vocal about seeking a max contract extension, and he’s commonly known to desire a championship run before his career is over. Could adding a more consistent and efficient scorer, with more leadership and experience than Brown, get Boston over the hump?

The price for Brown in this scenario would likely be Patrick Williams, DeMar DeRozan, and future picks. Seeing the going rate for All-Stars who request trades, it would take a haul for the Celtics’ guard. It would be similar to the packages for Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell, and Ruby Gobert.

Fitting In The Windy City

Zach LaVine and Jaylen Brown would instantly be one of the league’s deadliest offensive duos. They are two of the most potent scorers in today’s game and arguably two of the better second options on their respective teams. Given the drastic improvements to Chicago’s defense in the second half of the season, offense and three-point shooting are the glaring areas of need. Brown’s addition would add 5.6 more attempts per contest than DeRozan currently shoots. While DeRozan is the slightly more efficient scorer, he doesn’t offer the explosiveness or ability to stretch the defense that Brown does.

Brown’s also been vocal regarding his displeasure with the Celtic fanbase. While Chicago is not much less forgiving, plenty of athletes can endorse it as one of the nation’s best cities to play for. He’ll be welcomed with open arms if he can bring any form of winning to the Windy City, a fanbase that’s been deprived of a Finals appearance in over 20 years. Quick reminder, he’s already been to one in his seven-year career.

If Jaylen Brown boils over in the coming months and requests a trade this summer, would you want Chicago to pick up the phone?


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Magdalen Gail
Magdalen Gail
Mar 22, 2023 10:14 am


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