Sunday, May 22, 2022

Chicago Bulls Gleefully Trashed Aaron Rodgers During Game 2 Win


One great thing about Chicago sports is every franchise within the city is loyal to the others. At least when it comes to hating notorious villains. The Chicago Bears have suffered at the hands of Aaron Rodgers for over a decade now. They’re still searching for the right formula to finally overcome him on the football field. In the meantime, the Chicago Bulls decided to have a little fun at the quarterback’s expense on Wednesday night.

Rodgers is part owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, for those who don’t know already. So he was present courtside for Game 2 as the Bulls tried to even the series after dropping a tightly contested playoff opener. This time, Chicago came out strong. They moved the ball well on offense and even more impressively were giving the league-leading Bucks offense all sorts of problems with their defense. At one point, Bulls guard Alex Caruson made a fantastic pass on a fast break over the outstretched hands of Brook Lopez for an easy layup by Javonte Green.

That seemed to be enough for the Bulls’ Twitter feed.

Feeling feisty, they put out a post that was by far the most savage seen by any sports team on Twitter in some time. Even better, Rodgers was their unsuspecting target.

Whew. By now, everybody knows the story. Rodgers came into the 2022 postseason about to hoist his second-straight MVP award. Several experts were picking the Green Bay Packers to at least reach the Super Bowl. Then they choked at home in their playoff opener against the San Francisco 49ers, losing 13-10. Rodgers played one of the worst postseason games of his career, managing just 225 yards, no touchdowns, and a fumble.

This furthered a growing trend that people have begun to pick up on over the past decade. Rodgers can’t seem to get it done in the playoffs. He was 5-2 in his first seven postseason appearances with Green Bay. Since then, he’s a rather unimpressive 6-8. That includes four losses in the NFC championship game. For all his greatness, what the Chicago Bulls said was true. His playoff passing doesn’t hold a candle to his regular season dominance.

That is what makes the burn all the more painful. Especially since the Bulls took Game 2 with a 114-110 victory, shifting the series to Chicago.

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