Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Chicago Bulls City Edition Uniforms Have Officially Dropped


In what has been one of the best starts for the Bulls in many years we are being gifted another treat. This morning the Bulls officially dropped the 2021-22 City Edition Jerseys. The city edition jerseys have been a yearly tradition since 2017-18. This year’s drop pays homage to the franchise’s 6 titles. They also tried to bring back a classic Bulls look with the color choices. Overall these jerseys are going to look fresh once they hit the court.

Over the last four seasons, we have seen two black, one blue, and one white city edition uniform. This is the first to be released in red and let me just say it’s about time. This is the fifth city edition jersey and it might be the best one yet. There will be plenty of debate on whether it’s the best or not. In order to officially determine that we will need to take a look at each of them.

Bulls City Edition Jersey Recap

Like I said earlier this is the first city edition jersey for the Bulls that will be the team’s iconic red color. When it comes to jerseys I know that people have very strong opinions on if they look good or not. I am also someone with those opinions. If we look back at the team’s four previous jerseys there was one dud and the other three were pretty solid.

NBA City Edition Uniforms 4

Overall the Bulls have had a pretty simple and clean city edition uniform. My least favorite was the 2019-20 city edition uniform. The overall color choice was subpar in my opinion. The other three were solid and last year added to the simplistic but elegant look. Again, I know everyone will have their own opinions and probably trash mine but prior to this latest drop, I would have said the 2020-21 city edition was the best one to be dropped for the Bulls. Now that we’ve recapped the previous year’s city edition uniforms we can accurately judge this year.

The Bulls are ready to write the next chapter

While a uniform isn’t going to be the thing that puts a team over the hump it is still something to note. These jerseys have the Bull’s 6 title years printed on them. That is going to mean something for these players. As they step onto the court in these jerseys they will look down and see the greatness that was Chicago basketball. That alone adds motivation for each player wearing one. This Bulls team is ready to write the next chapter of Chicago Bulls basketball. These uniforms make that statement alone.

This is the 75th anniversary of the NBA and with this uniform the Bulls tied in different pieces of their history. Not only with the championship years but with the colors and patterns. This uniform encapsulates everything that Chicago basketball was and is striving to get back to. While some may disagree this uniform is a top-tier city edition uniform.

Let the opinions fly

We all know that everyone who can have an opinion will have one. I personally think these are the best city edition uniforms of the bunch. I’m sure many will disagree but I’m riding with my Bulls and this history-packed uniform. The reactions on Twitter have been pretty similar across the board. These jerseys are solid.

Whether you like them or not they will be hitting the court in the near future. Hopefully, the Bulls can use them as fuel to push to add another year to the jerseys. What’s your take Bulls Nation? Are you riding with these jerseys or do you think they need to try again next year?

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Lifelong Chicago sports fan raised in Las Vegas. Purdue University graduate. An engineer by trade, Bulls superfan by choice.

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