Sunday, August 14, 2022

Bulls Continue To Ace Chemistry Class, Sit Atop The Eastern Conference


As we have just officially finished the first full week of 2022, we all probably feel the post-holiday hangover. School has started back up, the New Year’s resolutions are in full force (or not, it’s no shame), and work is back to being full-time. Although it’s been a daunting and tiring week, there’s been one group of men that look as if they haven’t taken any time off from the books.

The Chicago Bulls have been the team to talk about this season. They are the ultimate underdogs and they don’t care about what any outsiders have to say. They play basketball together, and it’s just tears to the eyes. An ultimate chef’s kiss, if you will. Like, did you count the dribbles in this sequence? There were 3…3 dribbles and some gorgeous passing led to an easy score for Lavine downlow.

Relationships Building In The Building

The Bulls have seemed to completely turn around as an organization from even just a year ago. Finishing 31-41 last year, the Bulls are at a much better spot this year as they currently sit 1st in the Eastern Conference. But what exactly is the reason for this jump in wins and popularity? It’s the unselfishness from leaders, the grit from the young players, and the bonds that are made on and off the court. All of these have come together for the Bulls and it’s starting to show that it really does matter what happens between the players that determines success.

Although it’s already been talked about by many media outlets, this post has to start with the most recent expression of love between teammates. The fact that DeMar, a man who is currently in the running for MVP, was so selfless to make the journey to Champaign shows what it means to support one another. This really is special to see, and it just shows the type of leader we got in DeMar. He’s much more than an MVP candidate, he’s a true leader for this squad.

The next piece that makes this team click? Trust. These players have the utmost respect for one another and it’s 100% showing on the court. And honestly, who can argue against Caruso? The man has been a terrific pickup for the Bulls, as he shows what it means to grind out every game until the end. Don’t believe it? Just take a look.

Special Things Happen To Special Teams

We’ve seen plenty of NBA teams that seem to have all of the pieces together, but the outcome isn’t what they had in mind. The Bulls, however, seem to be playing so selfless that they don’t care who does what. All they want to do is win, and that’s the exact mentality that should fire up Bulls fans everywhere.

Yet again, we see a classic example of what happens when you play TOGETHER. 82 points combined between four players? That’s unheard of, but that’s the exact type of team that we are witnessing. And honestly, it all starts from the top. Credit to Head Coach Billy Donovan, who just recently joined the 300 win club, for putting together a squad that plays as one unit. There’s no arguing between teammates, the players don’t let other players lash out at refs, and the highlights of playing team basketball have been endless this season. That truly does start at the top, so it’s about time that the media gives Coach Donovan a little more attention.

The Bulls are tearing apart the East in what seems to be such a simple manner. Every night they seem to win games in different ways, but each way is due to the respect and chemistry that these players have built with one another. It truly is special to see and it’s taking the NBA by storm. Look out, world.

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