Sunday, August 14, 2022

Benny The Bull Couldn’t Help But Troll The Lakers


The Bulls played their first game in 8 days last night when they faced off against the Los Angeles Lakers. With four players still in health and safety protocols, we weren’t sure how the team would look last night. Things ended up going well as the Bulls won 115-110 and got the 2-0 series sweep of the Lakers this season. While the actual basketball part was exciting there was one thing that occurred at the United Center that was unmatched. It was cantered around the Bull’s historic mascot, Benny. Benny the Bull decided to take something we see all over social media and bring it to real life.

This is an image that has circulated on social media since guard Alex Caruso joined the Bulls. Benny the Bull wasted no time in trolling the Lakers since they were in Chicago for the first time this season. The iconic meme of wolverine crying at a picture was transformed to show the Lakers logo crying at a photo of Caruso. This offseason the Lakers let Caruso walk and the Bulls were happy to take him on. This move pulled by Benny was something that even Caruso couldn’t believe.

This is a cold-blooded move by Benny but it’s something that every Bull’s fan loves to see. The Lakers have to be missing Caruso this season especially considering how well he’s been performing.

Caruso is playing at a high level

Caruso was a great bench player for the Lakers last season and has continued with that level of play. This season Caruso is averaging 8.7 PPG, 44.8 %FG, 3.8 RPG, & 4.0 APG. He’s impacting the game at all levels especially on the defensive end of the floor. In what you could call a revenge game last night Caruso had 17 points, 9 rebounds, & 2 assists. He came to play and genuinely made the Lakers feel like the meme Benny showed off.

I could talk about Caruso’s stats and his impact on the game all day but this is about Benny and his many antics. He knows how important Caruso is to the team so far this season and he wanted to make sure the Lakers did as well. Benny loves to pull off antics but at the end of the day, he’s still got game.

Benny can ball

During these past few weeks with over half the team in protocols, the Bulls should have looked Benny’s way. He could be a change of pace player who could pull up from half-court with the backward shot. While it may sound crazy it could have been worth a shot.

This is just one of his many makes over his career. In a pinch, I don’t see why the Bulls couldn’t put him into the game. If trampolines are allowed in the game then you can consider the game over as Benny is an elite dunker. Team up Zach LaVine and Benny the Bull and the league will be in trouble.

Benny is hands down the best mascot in the NBA and there’s certainly no bias there. He can shoot, dunk, and troll opposing teams, what’s better than that? Above all Benny is always available and that’s hard to come by.

Benny is ready for great Bulls basketball again

Benny has been through some tough years as of recently. The Bulls have just been awful and he’s been there for all of it. While a lot of us can tune it out and watch something else Benny is there through thick and thin. This year things are different and Benny is ready to enjoy a top-tier Chicago Bulls team.

The Bulls are doing well so far and Benny is ready to ride out the rest of the year in style. Expect more antics and more outrageous shots from the Bulls mascot. He’s one of a kind and ready to continue cheering on the Bulls as they race to the playoffs. Continue trolling teams and hyping up the Bulls Benny, Bulls Nation has your back.

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