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Believe It Or Not, The Bulls Are About To Get Even Better


We are 23 days into the NBA season and the Chicago Bulls have the 2nd best record in the league. They sit at 8-3 and are currently the #2 seed in the East behind the 8-3 Washington Wizards. This team has proven that they can compete against good teams and is continuing to prove the doubters wrong. The Bulls capped off another impressive win last night against the Dallas Mavericks.

The team looks to be in great form as they continue to build with one another. This is a completely new team this season and they are coming out of the gates hot. All the people who thought the Bulls would fall apart when facing better competition have been proven wrong thus far. The Bulls took out the Eastern favorite Brooklyn Nets earlier in the week and they will now face a tough road test. One good thing coming for the Bulls during this road trip is they may have an offensive threat returning to the team.

Coby White off the bench

One player who was heavily featured in the Bulls lineup last season was guard Coby White. Head coach Billy Donovan tried to morph White into the team’s starting point guard last season and unfortunately didn’t have any luck. However, that attempt did yield some great things for White. For starters, it showed us that he is a very good shooter. While he may not be a great floor general he is a serious threat offensively. Last season White averaged 15.1 PPG, 41.6 %FG, 4.8 APG, &  4.1 RPG. He played quite well overall considering he didn’t quite hit the mark as the team’s point guard. He has yet to hit the floor for this team due to an off-season shoulder injury. The Bulls may be in luck during the team’s five-game road trip and have Coby back on the floor.

This would be a huge boost to the team’s bench scoring. The Bulls already have point guard Alex Caruso who can handle leading the bench unit on the floor. This gives Coby the opportunity to focus on what he does best, score the ball. This is a completely different dynamic for Coby as he hits the floor for this team. This is something that Bulls fans are very excited to see since some of the load has been taken off of him. Prior to Coby hitting the floor he found himself on a quick assignment to the Bulls G League team.

Was this the quickest tenure with the Windy City Bulls?

Prior to the team’s West Coast road trip, Billy Donovan wanted to ensure Coby could get some time on the floor. Unfortunately for Coby, the Bulls weren’t practicing on that day. Well, the Bulls got creative and sent Coby to the Windy City Bulls. When the news came out fans were unsure how long Coby would find himself in the G League. Let me tell you it was not long at all and most people missed the news entirely.

If you look at the time stamps Coby was assigned to the Windy City Bulls around 12:59 PM CT and was recalled around 2:45 PM CT. He spent almost two hours on the team and that was his stint in the G League. The entire purpose was to just get Coby a full practice before the team sets off on the trip. Regardless Coby came and went and if you weren’t paying attention you likely missed it. Either way, this was a smart way to get Coby involved in some 5 on 5 full contact play. He’s been fully cleared and needs to get himself back in game shape. Sending him to the Windy City Bulls for almost two hours won’t get him fully back up to speed but it will help.

What can we expect from Coby?

The number one question before Coby hits the floor is what should we expect from him? My personal opinion is we should expect high-level scoring from him. He no longer is expected to be that guy on the court to run the offense. He has the opportunity to spot up and find his shot and solely focus on scoring the ball. Coby has shown that he can get hot and score at will. That should be his #1 focus on the court for the Bulls. This is a totally different Coby White that will be hitting the floor. He can come off the bench and play the game he wants to and I for one am very excited.

Coby White coming off the bench is going to be huge for this team. He adds another scoring threat to the bench and can only help elevate this team. Look for Coby to be a key contributor as the season continues.

If we are talking about what to expect from Coby right away I would think he will be eased back into the game. I don’t see him getting high minutes right off the bat. I can also see it taking a second for him to get back into his shooting rhythm. Let’s be prepared to give the kid a minute to get back into prime shooting form. Once he gets back to his normal self the expectation is for him to cook off the bench and create another dynamic level of offense for this team. In this case, the rich are getting richer as White returns to the red hot Chicago Bulls.

Conner Grant
Lifelong Chicago sports fan raised in Las Vegas. Purdue University graduate. An engineer by trade, Bulls superfan by choice.

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