Wednesday, September 20, 2023

WATCH: Stars Align As Connor & Connor Cross Paths At BioSteel Camp


In case you missed it, Blackhawks rookie Connor Bedard received an exclusive invite to the NHL’s BioSteel Camp, where he’s currently working out alongside a pretty impressive group of players:

The fact that he was able to receive an invite is a testament to his unique ability as a skater, even at 18 years old. We’ve talked about Bedard plenty, but it can be easy during the summer to forget just how good he is. It’s clear he belongs at a camp full of the best talent in the world.

As he works through this week’s camp in preparation for the preseason next month, it’s a great opportunity to continue to hone his craft while rubbing elbows with the best of the best. It also makes for some great videos for Blackhawks fans, many of whom are aching for Bedard to make his debut in October. Chicago’s “golden boy” was captured Monday working out next to a fellow Connor and first-overall pick.

In the months leading up to the draft, Bedard was commonly compared to McDavid, as each is a generational talent in their own right. Such comparisons are far from baseless, as Bedard performed much better statistically in both the CHL and World Juniors than McDavid. One thing the latter has done that the former has not: performed at an elite level in the NHL. McDavid is a perennial All-Star and widely regarded as the best skater in the game. That isn’t a slight against the younger Connor – he just hasn’t had the opportunity to prove himself yet. While Bedard is the closest thing to a sure thing a prospect can get, there’s no guarantee he’ll even pan out at the top level.

Any chance to watch Connor Bedard “in action” before the season gets underway this fall is a win in its own right. He has the unique ability to transform Chicago’s entire franchise and is expected to bring championships to the city during his time here. But a chance to watch Bedard with the most elite hockey talent in the world? It doesn’t get better than that. Hopefully, Connor B. can learn a thing or two from Connor M. as he begins his career. Except, of course, with a few more rings.

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