Friday, April 19, 2024

New Crawfod Mask Is A Great Sign That He Is Ready To Play


Everyone knows that there are not guarantees in life but Corey Crawford commissioning a new mask is a good sign he may be back. At least in his opinion. Last week Craword’s artist Stephane Bergeron gave a sneak peek of the new mask and unveiled the whole thing earlier today.

It is a pretty standard Crawford mask design featuring his number 50, the crossed tomahawks secondary logo and of course the feathers. It’s classic, simple and tasteful.

I’d be more curious to see what the inside of that mask looks like though considering Crawford’s reported head injuries.

Whatever it is, I’m just happy that Crow seems to be on the right track to getting back on the ice. I just hope that he comes back as the elite goaltender he left as.

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