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Former Blackhawk Surprises Everyone With New Take On Trade Rumors


Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are both hot topics when it comes to trade speculation. But a former Blackhawk and Stanley Cup Champion goaltender isn’t buying what everyone else is selling.

On Monday night, 2015 Stanley Cup Champion goaltender Scott Darling was introduced as the newest member of NBC Sports Chicago.

Host Pat Boyle went straight to the point and asked the former Hawk if he thinks this will be Kane and Toews’ last season in Chicago.

” I do not.”

Here To Stay?

Scott’s input on the situation is one we should all seriously value.

His personal relationship with the players in question is key to the situation. He’s been in the room and knows how much this city truly means to Kane and Toews.

Darling goes on to say that he believes the Blackhawks will find a way to keep Captain Jonathan Toews. He compares his longevity to that of Tom Brady and thinks he has plenty left in the tank.

As for Patrick Kane, it’s a little trickier.

He states that Kane has only gotten better over the years and his value is so high that he could see a trade happening.

If that were to happpen, he envisions a return to Chicago in the offseason when Kane becomes a free agent.

“They both love it here and they both want to be here, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.”

The 2022 Season Begins

The team is off to an 0-2 start, dropping both games to Stanley Cup contenders.

Goaltenders Petr Mrazek and Alex Stalock both performed extremely well, keeping their team in it along the way.

Two goals in two games isn’t exactly ideal, but it’s important to acknowledge their opponents. A large majority of the league could easily walk out of Colorado and Vegas with similar results.

There is no longer a true clear path as to what this season will look like. The effort and drive is apparent amongst the team. Coach Richardson is sticking to his plan and will not allow a losing culture to engrain itself into the organization.

We’re all in this together Blackhawks fans, including the stand-up and hard-working professionals we have representing our city.

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