Friday, April 19, 2024

Blackhawks Reach Settlement With Corey Perry After “Improper Contract Termination”


The Corey Perry/Blackhawks nightmare appears to finally have been put to rest.

On Friday, it was announced that Chicago and its former forward had reached a financial resolution to officially end their relationship. Although Perry’s camp alleged his release was an “improper contract termination”, the two sides came to an agreement before any grievances were filed.

Perry’s contract was terminated in late November when an internal investigation conducted by the Blackhawks deemed the veteran had engaged in conduct that was inappropriate and detrimental to the team. An alleged alcohol-fueled incident involving both corporate partners and team employees occurred during an event just before Thanksgiving, and Perry later released a statement that he was embarrassed by the situation. After working with mental health experts and meeting with Commissioner Gary Bettman, Perry signed with the Oilers on Jan. 22.

According to NHL insider Frank Seravalli, the Blackhawks will face a “small salary cap charge” as a result of the settlement.

The exact amount of the charge is unknown, but Chicago currently has an estimated $10.7 million in space under the cap.

It’s a safe move for all parties involved, as a potential grievance could have gotten ugly in a hurry. It was reported around All-Star Weekend that Perry had a grievance pending, but Bettman had also mentioned that he had no problem with the way the Blackhawks had handled the situation. While grievances are normally supposed to be filed within 60 days of a contract being terminated, the deadline was extended by the NHL and NHLPA in order for the settlement to be reached.

If it means the matter will finally be put to rest, the Blackhawks will gladly take on the financial punishment that comes with the settlement. The Corey Perry situation is finally over in Chicago after perhaps the best and safest option for both sides.

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