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Why Ryan Poles Might Be The Bears’ Theo Epstein


Everybody knows the story. The Chicago Cubs had been mired in misery for over a century, failing to even reach a World Series since 1945 and not winning once since 1908. Something had to change if they were going to break the cycle. So ownership decided to swing big, hiring team president Theo Epstein, the same many who’d built the iconic 2004 Boston Red Sox who won their first World Series since 1918. If he could break one curse, perhaps he could do the same in Chicago. A few years later, the Cubs emerged on the national stage to claim that elusive championship in 2016. Epstein had done the job. Chicago Bears fans may not realize, but Ryan Poles comes from a similar mold.

One of the things that has constantly held this organization back for decades is their inability to draft and develop quarterbacks. They selected six quarterbacks in the 1st round during the Super Bowl era. All of them failed to reach ten seasons with the team. They combined for only two Pro Bowl appearances. Most of their success at quarterback over the years has come from signing veteran free agents (Erik Kramer) or making trades (Jay Cutler). Poles understands this reality better than many realize.

After all, he saw it bedevil the Kansas City Chiefs for years.

That organization also had an ugly history of drafting quarterbacks for years. Steve Fuller and Todd Blackledge were huge busts in the 1980s. Mike Elkins, Matt Blundin, and Brodie Croyle were all bad, too. This resulted in the team leaning on various veterans over the years like Joe Montana, Elvis Grbac, Trent Green, and Alex Smith. All it led to was playoff disappointment. Finally, they decided to take the risk in 2017, trading up to #10 for Patrick Mahomes. They were confident in their evaluations and their support system.

Now Mahomes is the best player on the planet. That success has given Poles the belief he can do the same in Chicago. He even has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about it.

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Ryan Poles has followed the blueprint.

One thing Kansas City did was build the foundation first. They secured the offensive line and added playmakers like Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill before pulling the trigger on Mahomes. While his process has gone much faster, Poles has done the same. He added four new offensive linemen, including young tackles Darnell Wright and Braxton Jones. D.J. Moore arrived from Carolina via trade. Now Keenan Allen joins him from Los Angeles. They already have Cole Kmet in place. This offense is far better equipped to accept a rookie quarterback than any other in Bears history.

While it’s too early to say how good Caleb Williams will be, there is no question he has enough talent to thrive. Nobody can say Ryan Poles hasn’t done enough to pave the way for him. He has protection, weapons, and a capable coaching staff led by a proven play caller in Shane Waldron. He will even have a solid defense to lean on under Matt Eberflus’ direction. If Epstein could fix what was broken with the Cubs, it appears Poles is equipped to do the same for the Bears.


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Mansa Musa
Apr 1, 2024 3:03 pm

Barry, a lot of these folks with their down vote is because they believe the hype. It’s no fault of their own. It’s the fault of the WANG 🤣🤣 Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

It’s Chess Grandmaster, Magnus Carlsen aka Ryan Poles that sent them down this bunny trail with media crumbs.

I remember a couple folks on here showing their age, Generation X and older. We all remember G.I. Joe before school, while some older fellows were playing their part as Veterans.

They always said “knowing is half the battle”

Watch this space!!

Last edited 16 days ago by Mansa Musa
Apr 1, 2024 12:25 pm

Live look at all the haters and scoundrels on here giving me downvotes.

Apr 1, 2024 9:38 am

Why the moon may be made out of cheese. Why meditation may cure cancer. Why birds may not be real. Jesus christ. I guess it’s fine to be optimistic, but the 2024 Bears squad isn’t even set yet. It is equally likely — and more likely than not, in my opinion — that Poles is choosing to use a truly historic amount of resources (picks and cap space) to downgrade talent at the QB1 position, and that’s to say nothing of the numerous off-the-field red flags (his thirst for media attention, the fact that he doesn’t have an agent, et… Read more »

Apr 1, 2024 5:38 am

The operative sentence…secure the offensive line…ALT.

Mar 31, 2024 11:18 pm

How long till tgena cries about this article

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