How can a Green Bay Packers bold prediction shed light on how people view their 2020 draft? ESPN found a way. Everybody knows the story by now. Aaron Rodgers had just led the team to a 13-3 record and a trip to the NFC championship. Logic dictated the team do everything in their power to give the roster one final push to get over the hump. Instead? They traded up to draft Utah State quarterback Jordan Love.

Not only did they take Rodgers’ eventual replacement, but many experts felt they took a quarterback that wasn’t worth where he was drafted. Many had him tagged as a 2nd round prospect. People were nervous by how much he regressed in 2019. Supporters chalked that up to losing weapons and questionable coaching. Still, there were warning signs that he was a definite risk.

If that weren’t enough to showcase how little people were impressed by the move, Packers ESPN beat writer Rob Demovsky went a step further with his bold prediction for 2020.

Tim Boyle will outplay Jordan Love and force the Packers to keep three quarterbacks.

Or Boyle will attract some trade interest and allow the Packers to get something in return for the former undrafted free agent. Either way, it will be Boyle who will take the Packers’ decision to draft the quarterback of the future personally — perhaps more so than Aaron Rodgers. Boyle easily outplayed DeShone Kizer in last year’s preseason to earn the No. 2 job, and his arm strength and experience last year as the backup will serve him well this August.”

That’s a Packers bold prediction worthy of a chef’s kiss

Look is there a chance Love ends up panning out? Of course. He’s talented. That said, the law of averages are against him. The fact that a Packers beat writer believes a former undrafted guy will outplay a 1st round pick in training camp? That is a pretty eye-opening indictment of the pick. By the sound of things, it certainly hasn’t had the desired effect on Rodgers.

Based on recent interviews, he sounds like a man resigned to his fate. He knows his time in Green Bay is coming to an end. This could even be his last season with the team. He won’t stir things up by giving Love the cold shoulder, but he also has no intention of aiding the guy who is going to take his job. If Love ends up looking worse in training camp than Tim Boyle?

That would be a perfect shrug moment.