Saturday, May 28, 2022

VIDEO: Even Wrestling Fans Have Had It With Matt Nagy


Matt Nagy probably doesn’t enjoy the “Fire Nagy” chants that have erupted from Chicago Bears fans over the past few weeks. Especially when they filled Soldier Field last Sunday and then his own son’s high school playoff game. Yet the chants haven’t been exclusive to football venues either. They popped up at a Chicago Bulls game a few days ago. Now it appears even the world of professional wrestling is getting in on the action.

As fans filed in for the anticipated showing of AEW Dynamite at All-State Arena, they were expecting a fun show. However, fans tend to get rowdy as they’re forced to wait for showtime. So they often find ways to entertain themselves. Sure enough at some point, before the action started, chants of “Fire Nagy” broke out across the arena. Further proof that Chicago fans have multiple interests but they can always get together in mutual hatred.

Rough look.

Matt Nagy probably tries not to go out much these days. One can assume plenty of fans won’t be shy about letting him know how they feel. People can be cruel that way. This is the reality of being a head coach in Chicago. When you win, people love you. When you lose, they don’t. Nagy understood that when he took the job back in 2018. Things were great that first year. They have been less so since then.

Now with the Bears 3-7 and their playoff hopes all but dead, most believe he is coaching his last season in Chicago. Too many ugly losses and a consistent failure to fix the offense. It’d be one thing if Justin Fields was playing well. People could forgive under those conditions. Yet the promising rookie is struggling and the team is losing on top of it. A coach can only take so many body blows before he goes down.

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