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VIDEO: Emotional Moments Steve McMichael And Devin Hester Get HOF News


It was a great day for the Chicago Bears on February 8th, 2024. That was when it was announced that two team legends got the amazing news that they would be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Devin Hester, the greatest return man in NFL history, got in on his third attempt. It is another reminder that there are many ways to change the game beyond playing offense or defense. The far more emotional moment came when Steve McMichael, the legendary defensive tackle from the 1985 Super Bowl championship team, finally got the news from friend and beloved teammate Richard Dent.

The moment was especially emotional for McMichael. He’s been battling ALS for a long time. Almost every bodily function has abandoned him, and many fear he may not have much time left. Getting him into Canton was a dream his wife, family, and friends passionately fought for. Now all he has to do is hang on a little longer until this coming August to get that coveted gold jacket. It will be interesting to see who he and Hester end up choosing to induct them. There will be no shortage of candidates.

Steve McMichael and Devin Hester were never questionable.

Both had iron-clad cases for the Hall of Fame. It’s only a shame it took voters this long to see sense. McMichael was one of the most dominant defensive tackles of his era. He has the fourth-most sacks of any player at his position in league history (100.5), played on arguably the greatest defense ever, and won a championship. There wasn’t anything else he could’ve done. As for Hester, he redefined what it means to be a return man. Teams literally had to gameplan on special teams because of the threat he posed. That had never happened before. He retired with over 11,000 total return yards and 20 combined touchdowns.

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You can’t talk about the eras those two played in without mentioning their names. Never mind the fact both Steve McMichael and Devin Hester were unforgettable characters. They made watching football not just exciting, but fun. In the end, that is what it’s all about. Entertain the fans while winning a lot of games. One can only hope more like them inhabit Halas Hall in the near future.


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I dug Plank
I dug Plank
Feb 9, 2024 3:12 pm

I’m dating myself here but I remember Gayle Sayers since his rookie year. Had it not been for injuries us Bear fans could have easily said we had the joy of watching the 2 greatest return men in NFL history. So happy for Devin Hester and Mongo. I’m stoked for this teams future … GO BEARS

Dr. Melhus
Feb 9, 2024 1:09 pm

With McMichael’s decline, I don’t know if he’ll survive until August, and if he does, he probably won’t be in any condition to travel to Canton. That’s unfortunate, but I think it’s far more important that he got the honor while he was still alive to appreciate it. The HOF might be smart to have him craft a statement for the acceptance sooner, rather than later. It will be bittersweet, like it always is when someone passes, but still fulfilling. Mongo was always the guy I rooted for on the OL. When the 85 Bears got a sack, I was… Read more »

Feb 9, 2024 12:21 pm

I’m just glad that mongo got in before he passes away

Feb 9, 2024 11:58 am

Devin Hester, HoFer!
There literally will not be another like him with the changes to the game and how returns for TDs are a rarity now.
Congrats #23! You were the best return man, ever! You thrilled fans with your moves and speed, and helped changed momentum in Bears games in seconds!
Go to YouTube and check out some of Hester’s highlights. He was incredible!

Last edited 3 months ago by Veece
Feb 9, 2024 11:52 am

Congrats Mongo on HoF honor! You deserve it!
McMichael is still 2nd all-time in sacks by a DT, I believe. Incredible player. Fun guy. Tough dude. We love ya, man!
Watch some highlights of #76 to fully appreciate his importance to that dominant 1985 defense and SB champs!

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