Thursday, November 16, 2023

TikTok Thinks Girl Disappeared On Packers Sideline Vs Bears


Not many things were surprising about what happened at Lambeau Field between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. The Packers did exactly what they always do. They took control early, smothered the Bears offense, and pulled away down the stretch. Nothing about the events seemed unusual. Just depressing. However, it seems a big mystery has begun unfolding on TikTok after the game.

Late in the 4th quarter, as the Packers were trying to put the game away, cameras panned to head coach Matt Lafleur shouting something on the sideline. An unidentified woman is standing behind him, watching the action. Then wide receiver Christian Watson runs into the frame, talking to Lafleur while he passes by and in front of the woman. When he moves out of the frame, the woman has completely vanished.

That vanishing act was better than the Chicago Bears offense.

Jokes aside, it is a wild clip. Even professional magicians couldn’t time it any better than that. It’s possible she dropped something and ducked to pick it up just as Watson crossed into the frame. She also could’ve walked in the same direction as Watson, with his big 6’4 body shielding her. Or maybe ghosts exist, and we saw undeniable evidence of it. Either way, it’s a pretty fascinating clip. TikTok users losing their minds over it isn’t hard to believe.

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A fun question will be if she reappeared when the Packers visit the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field later this season. People will want to know what she can do for an encore. The NFC North figures to stay interesting for a while. All four teams are 1-1 after this past week. The Bears have a chance to help their own case with games against the Houston Texans and New York Giants next. Maybe their offense will reappear as well.


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