Mitch Trubisky is gone. His four-year run in Chicago will be remembered as a disappointment. Nobody can ever say he’s the worst quarterback in Bears history. Not even remotely close. He had a lot of good moments, but in the end, his inconsistencies never went away. He wasn’t able to live up to the billing of a #2 overall pick. That failure has made him an easy target of ridicule in recent months.

That isn’t entirely fair. Trubisky is a great guy. He worked hard, never complained, and did everything asked of him. Even so, the occasional digs still happen. Some of them can get pretty savage too. Perhaps the harshest of all popped up on Twitter recently. It involved the recent release of the new Madden 22 player ratings and Trubisky’s new teammate, Pro Bowl quarterback Josh Allen.


As burns go, that is positively scorching. The Madden ratings indeed weren’t too kind to Trubisky. They gave him a mark of just 69 overall (nice). It is clear they agree with the rest of the NFL in regards to his status in the league. He’s a backup. For comparison sake, Andy Dalton is a 72, and Justin Fields is a 74. While not high marks compared to other teams, the game developers certainly think the Bears are better off with those two.

Nobody can say what the future holds for Mitch Trubisky. He still has his loyal fans out there who think he’ll eventually emerge as a success somewhere. Based on what history has to say? It’s a safer bet he’ll go on to have a long career as a high-end backup who plays for a number of different teams. When the NFL decides you’re not cut out to start, that perception rarely changes. Not unless he gets an opportunity to step in as a backup and plays really well.

A tactic Nick Foles employed to great effect. So maybe there is still hope for him.

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Erik Lambert
Educated to be a writer at the prestigious Columbia College in Chicago, Erik has spent the past 10 years covering the Bears.