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This Big Packers Draft Rumor Would Thrill Bears Fans


11 days ago, Tyler Dunne of Bleacher Report published an article that set NFL Twitter on fire.

In the article, Dunne broke down the perpetual dysfunction in Green Bay and how that played a role in the breakup between quarterback Aaron Rodgers and head coach Mike McCarthy.

Dunne highlighted everything from Rodgers rolling his eyes when a play call came in from McCarthy on the sidelines to McCarthy reportedly skipping team meetings to receive massages in his office.

All this did was point fingers and assign blame for the dysfunction in Green Bay. Is CEO Mike Murphy the cause of dysfunction? Was Mike McCarthy the one who needs to shoulder the blame? Or does this solely rest on the shoulders of the Green Bay quarterback, Aaron Rodgers?

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No matter who is to blame in Green Bay, it’s not our problem as Bears fans. We’re simply here to drink it all in and revel in the chaos that’s ensued for years up north. However, the Packers might be on the verge of making a huge move in the draft that could cause a seismic implosion in Wisconsin.

The Packers Are Hosting Quarterback Drew Lock For A Pre-Draft Visit

Drew Lock is a talented, strong-armed quarterback out of the University of Missouri. Throughout the draft process, he’s garnered comparisons to everyone from Matthew Stafford to Jay Cutler.

While it’s certainly not a shock that a NFL team would do its homework on quarterbacks each year for backup purposes, etc. this headline becomes interesting because of where Lock is projected to go off the board on April 25th…

While some scouts may be divided on where he’s worth drafting this year, Lock appears to be a Top-15 guarantee in the 2019 NFL Draft.

This is where the plot thickens for the Packers and a potential implosion…the Packers hold the #12 overall selection this year.

With the buzz surrounding Lock and his draft status, the Packers would have to use that #12 overall selection to draft him if he’s still available then. This would be a major investment in a quarterback of the future…while Rodgers is one season removed from signing a 4-year, $134 million extension.

There’s Potential For This Pick To Fan The Fire In GB

If the Packers are indeed seriously looking at selecting Lock with the #12 overall pick, Rodgers will not be happy with this move. After all the fallout Green Bay has endured from the Dunne article, Rodgers has to already be on edge.

This move would signify that the Packers are not satisfied with Rodgers being the leader they need him to be and are choosing to draft the heir apparent instead of surrounding him with talent.

Now combining the friction from the article fallout, a first-year head coach in Matt LaFleur, the tension that would exist between Lock and Rodgers, and the organization caught between competing now and planning for the future, this has the potential to be an absolute train wreck.

Rodgers’ ego has been well-documented and is not one that would be open to a mentorship role, à la Alex Smith & Patrick Mahomes. However, Brian Gutekunst and Mike Murphy are going to do what they believe is in the best interest of the Packers moving forward.

If they perceive that Lock is the long-term answer at quarterback and can provide them the same longevity that Rodgers did after Brett Favre, they’ll make that move.

But what will it do in the meantime? That’s the million dollar question.

Who knows? But the Packers taking Lock at #12 overall should do nothing but set off a ticking time bomb in that organization. Now it’s time to sit back and see if the fuse gets lit.

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