Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The Twitter Trashing Of Aaron Rodgers After Packers Loss Was Legendary


Aaron Rodgers thinks so highly of himself. He is one of those people that “thinks their s**t doesn’t stink.” He’s an All-Pro quarterback. A future Hall of Famer. One of the best of all time. That means he can do and say whatever he wants without repercussions. The problem is acting in such a juvenile and ignorant way can have consequences. Namely the likelihood it will turn most of the public at large against you.

It was remarkable to see how Rodgers managed to destroy the likable public persona he’d carefully crafted for so many years into tiny pieces during the 2021 season. In his mind, he was the victim and everybody else was an idiot. They’ll see. He’d defy the COVID-19 protocols, defy the NFL, and take his team to a Super Bowl championship anyway. Why? Because he’s Aaron Rodgers. Deal with it.

Unfortunately for him, the football gods don’t care much for hubris.

On a frigid night at Lambeau Field, in a game everybody felt would be a Packers cakewalk, Rodgers played arguably the worst playoff game of his career. He threw for 225 yards on the night with no touchdowns and 75 of those yards coming on one play that was a busted coverage. The San Francisco 49ers defense shut him down after the opening drive of the game. It had been a long time since anybody made the Packers star look so mortal.

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Green Bay managed just three points over the final 54 minutes. A colossal letdown. As the incredible choke job was completed on a Robbie Gould field goal to hand San Francisco the victory, the backlash began in earnest. If Rodgers thought the criticisms of him were bad during the regular season, he couldn’t have imagined what was to come when he fell flat on his face in that game. The Twitter responses alone were a vast collection of pieces that should be hung in the Louvre.

Seeing Aaron Rodgers crash and burn was always must-see TV for Chicago Bears fans. Yet it seems the entire NFL embraced a similar joy after that game. People had grown tired and irritated with his antics. A false sense of entitlement and self-righteousness. Now the thing he never thought could happen is. People are starting to question his legacy. No Super Bowl appearances in over a decade. Forget being in the Tom Brady or Peyton Manning discussion. He is in danger of not quite living up to even Brett Favre anymore.

That is truly hilarious.

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