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The Most Plausible Chicago Bears 2024 QB Scenarios By Likelihood


The Chicago Bears won’t tell anybody what their plans at quarterback are. This is because they don’t yet know themselves. There are seven games left in the season. GM Ryan Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus need answers from Justin Fields before making an informed decision on the future. The 24-year-old played two of his best games as a pro before his untimely injury against Minnesota. Chicago wants to see if he really has turned the corner or if it was merely the product of a favorable stretch of schedule.

There are multiple ways these next few months can go for the Bears. Most believe it is one of two paths, but things are never that simple in the NFL. I put together the five most plausible scenarios that could unfold for them, ranked by most likely to least likely.

The Chicago Bears will have several paths forward.

1. Draft a new starter in the top 5

Much of this depends on whether that pick from Carolina ends up in one of the first two slots. If that happens, there is a growing belief that Poles will decide to make the change at quarterback, landing either USC’s Caleb Williams or North Carolina’s Drake Maye. Both have played well in 2023 despite their team struggles. Debates rage over who is the superior option, but most analysts agree both should end up being good starters in the NFL. Poles likely hopes to restart the clock at quarterback, re-opening the rookie contract window.

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2. Stick with Justin Fields

The Chicago Bears still have one cheap year left on Fields’ rookie contract. There is a chance both of their 1st round picks in 2024 don’t end up high enough to land Maye or Williams. In that scenario, the smart play is using those picks to bolster the rest of the roster while giving Fields one more year. He’ll have even more help around him and enter a third season in the same offense. Either that, or the Bears could try to hire a new coaching staff who can put a system in place that fits him better.

3. Roll with Tyson Bagent

People already proclaimed the undrafted rookie a lost cause after four starts despite him going 2-2 and showing legitimate flashes of effectiveness. If Bagent can look that efficient with almost no experience in this offense and against this level of talent, giving him an entire season isn’t as crazy as many will make it sound. The Bears know he can run the offense at a decent level. With a little more time and a better supporting cast, maybe he really can be their version of Brock Purdy.

4. Grab a QB on Day 2 of the draft

There is so much hype around Maye and Williams that it’s easy to forget this might be a deeper quarterback class than people realize. Washington’s Michael Penix and Oregon’s Bo Nix have both been outstanding this season. Jayden Daniels is ascending fast at LSU as well. All three still have a chance to be available on the second day of the draft. All have the necessary talent to start on Sundays. If the Bears can’t get the top two guys, they can maneuver for other players in the 1st round and circle back for a QB in the 2nd or 3rd.

5. Sign or trade for a veteran

If the Bears are dead set on moving on from Fields but aren’t in a good enough position to draft somebody, they could opt to seek a veteran option on the free agent or trade market. Some interesting names will be available on the former, including Kirk Cousins, Baker Mayfield, Ryan Tannehill, and Gardner Minshew. As for trades, this is never easy to predict. Volatile situations should always be taken into account. Knowing this, Matthew Stafford, Kyler Murray, and Jimmy Garoppolo are possibilities.


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al bundy
al bundy
Nov 20, 2023 6:08 pm

The Bears have a real chance to put together a very competitive team. Justin Fields stock is as high as ever and rising. A lot of people think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. The Bears should be able to trade him for a real quarterback and not have to gamble in the draft. Instead, they can draft a couple of studs for their offensive and defensive lines and start to fill in some of the other critical missing pieces. Go down that road and they should have a team capable of a strong playoff run.

Nov 20, 2023 8:38 am

Yuck. Every time I read one of these articles about “changing directions” I’m reminded of how few people have ever BUILT an organization, and of how many people have been peripherally part of an organization, and think: “they should do it like this.” Most people and organizations can be successful if they are consistent, persistent and consider more factors than simply their own emotional hyper-reactions to everything. HOW successful, is dependent on collecting the most durable and redundant resources possible within whatever constraints you have (time, money, human resources). This sounds complicated but it isn’t. It’s done all the time.… Read more »

Nov 19, 2023 9:36 pm

The Lions game showed that Matt Eburflus has to go at the end of the year. And trade Justin Fields for a 1st round pick. Three first round picks in 2024 including probably the #1 overall pick. I would trade down like last year and get a stockpile of picks for 2024 and 2025. Then draft a lot of blue chip players including Marvin Harrison Jr, LT, Edge rusher, and QB. I like Bo Nix from Oregon and you have Bagent as a backup. For a coach i want Jim Harbaugh. This team would be stacked and would be good… Read more »

Nov 19, 2023 6:44 pm

For the Fields haters, why are you so certain that whomever the _________ (fill in the hot take QB flavor of the minute is) is certain or even likely to be better than Fields? Like others, I’m not impressed with Caleb Williams and consider this: of Riley’s 3 previous prominent QBs including Heisman winners, how many are even good QBs? Jalen Hurts and that’s it. Kyler Murray sucks and ditto w/ Mayfield and what do those 2 guys have in common with Caleb? All 3 have been or continue to be (Kyler) prima donnas during their pro careerw. Drake Maye?… Read more »

Nov 19, 2023 6:18 pm

it was typical Bears today. ahead by 12 with 3 minutes to go and lose by 5. Please get rid of Eberflus and the long bomber Fields.

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