Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Team Most Likely To Trade For Roquan Smith Has Been Revealed


Roquan Smith is growing impatient. He wants his new contract and to be the highest-paid linebacker in the NFL. So he decided to crack up the pressure on Tuesday when he formally requested a trade from the Chicago Bears to another team that would “value” his services better. It was a clear negotiating tactic and seemed to work well, turning many fans against the organization and Ryan Poles.

However, the Bears GM pulled a swift counterattack by addressing the situation in a surprise presser. He expressed disappointment the situation got this far, believing negotiations had been going well. It was reiterated his goal was to re-sign Smith and keep him in Chicago. Still, he made it clear that he would do what was best for the Bears. If that meant trading Smith in the end, so be it. The issue is finding a taker that might pay the price tag Poles would look for. Jeremy Fowler of ESPN asked around the league for likely destinations.

The most popular answer? The Seattle Seahawks.

“This is a team a few league execs mentioned this morning. Seattle’s defensive coaching staff has strong Chicago ties. Assistant head coach for defense Sean Desai was Smith’s coordinator last season, and Seahawks defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt was in Chicago before joining Pete Carroll’s staff.

Smith is well regarded as a player in Seattle, an organization that has shown willingness to make the splashy deal in the past. The Seahawks are armed with multiple first- and second-round picks next year as part of the Russell Wilson trade.”


Roquan Smith is exactly the kind of player Pete Carroll loves.

The longtime Seahawks head coach values speed and instincts above anything at the position. That is why Bobby Wagner was so valued for many years there. Smith is a perfect fit for their new 3-4 defense under Hurtt. While the team loves Jordyn Brooks, he is unfamiliar with it. Smith would be somebody they can trust to excel right away. Presuming Brooks transitions well, that could give Seattle one of the best linebacking duos in the NFL.

They have four picks in the first two rounds. Flipping one of the 1st rounders to Chicago wouldn’t be a difficult decision. They’d still be flush with draft capital to reshape their roster while gaining a star linebacker. Chicago would enter 2023 with two 1st round picks, giving Poles a prime opportunity to build the team exactly how he wants it.

A trade is not the endgame either side wants. Roquan Smith has said he wants to stay. The Bears want him to stay. When this is the case, a deal tends to get worked out. That said, the odds of a trade happening are higher than many believe. It sounds like Seattle is the team to watch if it comes to that.


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Ghost Tomahawk
Ghost Tomahawk
Aug 10, 2022 4:34 pm

Are the Bears close to contending? Nope. How about next season? Nope. The one after that? Maybe the window is open depending on the draft and who they sign..right? See what Im getting at? The Bears do not have a need for a “highest paid at his position player”. They need players like that but dont need their contracts.

Flip Roquan for picks. If You can get a 1st rounder and whatever…pull the trigger.

Aug 10, 2022 3:06 pm

Running through some fundamental questions: What are Roquan’s best attributes? What impact will changing positions have on Roquan’s productivity? Why was Roquan upset that the contract offered was reportedly back heavy? How long is the average NFL career?  Attributes – speed & instinct. He’ll always be an outstanding football player, but his speed will deteriorate over time. Change – if there’s a player capable of overcoming change on the roster it’s Roquan, but playing a new position eats into at least some of his instinctual play. Back-heavy contract – and length of career go pretty much hand & glove. Roquan knows time is short in the league. He also… Read more »

Aug 10, 2022 11:50 am

Trade Roquan, Robert Quinn and a 3rd round pick to Pittsburgh for Chase Claypool and a 1st rounder.

As well unload Teven Jenkins to the Jets for Denzel Mimms. It solves the WR problem at hand and gives Poles a coveted 1st rounder too. Plus both Mimms and Claypool have great speed and are gargantuan in WR terms. To match these with Equanimeous St. Brown and N’Keal Harry you’ve got massive size, blocking ability and the almighty Speed.

Aug 10, 2022 9:43 am

Anyone notice when Blake Martinez left GB; did the defense drop off the following year? Did anyone notice when he joined the NYG, did their defense get better? Top 5 in tackles both years… didn’t matter. Lets stop talking about Captain Contract Dispute making/breaking a defense. He doesn’t do anything else well.

Bill K
Bill K
Aug 10, 2022 8:56 am

Yeah a first and a third would be great!

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