Wednesday, August 10, 2022

REPORT: Top Packers Assistant Nathaniel Hackett To Interview With Bears


With three head coaching candidates already made public as Chicago Bears interview requests, it doesn’t appear the team is slowing down. The list continues to grow and another big name just got added. One that is sure to turn some heads. According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the organization has requested an interview with Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.

This is newsworthy for multiple reasons. It marks the first time in many years the Bears have openly moved to interview a Packers coach or executive for a possible job in their organization. Then there is the fact that Hackett is regarded by many as one of the better head coaching candidates this cycle. A man that was pivotal to elevating Aaron Rodgers back to MVP status and helping the Packers offense to rank among the absolute best in the NFL.

Hackett’s reputation is fascinating.

He is known for being somewhat of a unique personality. Likable in different ways. Able to connect with just about anybody yet still can command respect from his players. He’s known for being detailed and flexible in his approach. No doubt a big reason he has the admiration of Rodgers, who gave full-throated support to him when he interviewed for the Atlanta Falcons job last year. If you can make a believer out of Rodgers, you’re probably pretty good at managing personalities.

The fact QBs tend to play their best when Nathaniel Hackett is involved is worth noting. Blake Bortles had his best statistical season in Jacksonville with him as quarterbacks coach and then reached an AFC championship with him as offensive coordinator. Now the Packers offense has ranked 9th each of the past two seasons. It feels like Hackett is ready for his shot. This would mark the first time in history the Bears could secure their head coach directly from Green Bay.

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