Friday, June 2, 2023

REPORT: Bears Said To Be “Very Smitten” With Brian Flores


Over the past couple of days, SM reported that former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores made a strong impression in his first interview with the Chicago Bears. It would seem things have progressed even further since then. According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, the word now is the team brass are “very smitten” with Flores as an option at head coach. He is somebody that seems to exude the leadership qualities they’re looking for.

Robinson explained on the Brother From Another podcast on how this could play out. From what he understands, the big hurdle for the Bears is finding a GM that can mesh with Flores. It isn’t a secret that the head coach was known for demanding heavy involvement in the personnel process during his time in Miami. He was somebody that wanted to be at the front of the organization. No doubt similar to his mentor Bill Belichick. That means Chicago would have to find a GM who is okay with being more in the background. Similar to John Lynch in San Francisco.

There is no question Flores will come with questions.

Few can argue his results in Miami. After a difficult first year going 5-11, he led the Dolphins to back-to-back winning records in 2020 and 2021. The second one was achieved after an 8-1 finish and two victories over Belichick’s Patriots. He gets results even if some players might chafe at his methods. He is known for being intense, blunt with his criticisms, and not always accommodating.

There is also the issue of his offensive staffing. Brian Flores ran through four different offensive coordinators during his three years in Miami. Never a good sign. He would have to sell the Bears on why that issue won’t resurface in Chicago. Last but not least is the quarterback question. Is Flores willing to take on the challenge of developing Justin Fields? Given what Robinson said in the video about wanting a top 5-6 quarterback, that isn’t exactly a lock.

Especially with the strong rumors that the coach would love a chance to unite somewhere with Deshaun Watson. So either Flores would need to believe Fields is capable of reaching that upper-tier or the franchise would have to be comfortable paying the significant process necessary to acquire Watson from the Texans. Considering they already have no 1st round pick this offseason, that sounds difficult.

That is a discussion for far in the future though. He would have to get the job first.

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