Wednesday, August 10, 2022

REPORT: Bears First To Pounce On Newly-Available Brian Flores


Easily one of the biggest shocks of the 2022 offseason was when the Miami Dolphins chose to part way with head coach Brian Flores. This was despite him leading the team to back-to-back winning records. The first coach to accomplish that feat in 18 years. He was able to do it with suspect quarterback play and a growing rift with GM Chris Grier. It didn’t take long to notice that several players weren’t happy about it.

Now the Chicago Bears seem ready and willing to take advantage. They became the first team to officially receive an interview with Flores according to Tom Pelissero. Flores is only 40-years old, is widely regarded as a defensive mastermind, and routinely got his players to play hard. The fact he went 2-0 this past season against mighty Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots shouldn’t be ignored either.

This is somebody that can galvanize a locker room.

One of the primary concerns with Brian Flores was how he handled his offense. He benched Tua Tagovailoa multiple times as a rookie. Not only that but he made a change at offensive coordinator every year he was in charge. Bears fans with good memories will probably get Lovie Smith vibes when hearing something like that. That said, there were some promising results. Tagovailoa showed improvement in his second year.

Maybe Flores can do more with Justin Fields. He is considerably more talented than the Dolphins’ starter. There is no doubt the former coach can do great things with the Bears’ talented defense. It may come down to whether he can sell the team on having a plan for the offense. A unit that hasn’t finished higher than 15th since 2014. Maybe he learned some valuable lessons from his time in Miami and will know what to do. Given his reputation in league circles, the man is as smart as they come.

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