The NFL draft always seems to bring out some craziness this time of year. What nobody could’ve expected was that the craziness wouldn’t involve actual players in the draft itself. By the sound of things, the tension between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers has begun to boil over. This entire situation began to escalate last season when the organization selected Jordan Love in the 1st round of the draft. Ironic isn’t it.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Rodgers’ frustrations with the organization have gotten to a point where he has actually told certain people that he has no desire to return to the team. Rodgers remained consistent with his words for over a year now, saying he’s not sure what the future holds for him in Green Bay. Given how well-known the quarterback is for holding grudges? This can’t be a big surprise.

“Reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers is so disgruntled with the Green Bay Packers that he has told some within the organization that he does not want to return to the team, league and team sources told ESPN on Thursday.

The Packers are aware of his feelings, concerned about them and have had team president Mark Murphy, general manager Brian Gutekunst and head coach Matt LaFleur each fly out on separate trips to meet with Rodgers at various points this offseason, sources told ESPN.”

This goes in direct contrast to what the Packers have said.

They’ve made it clear for months that there is no way Rodgers is being traded. This despite the Love pick last year and the approaches from other teams about a deal. Most recently the San Francisco 49ers. Teams are clearly aware that something is going on. Rodgers is not happy and Green Bay is doing everything they can to sway the star quarterback to return. Thus far it hasn’t worked.

The timing of this can’t be a coincidence. One year to the day after Love was drafted? This coming off a season where he won his third MVP award? Nobody can say for certain if it was planned but if it was then it is an absolute masterwork of a troll job by Rodgers. Reminding the team what they have and then forcing his way out of town.

Is Aaron Rodgers making a money play?

His contract has one year remaining on it and he no doubt seeks an extension. He is currently the fifth-highest paid quarterback in the NFL. Tied with Jared Goff and more than $10 million per year less than league leader Patrick Mahomes. Considering he just won MVP, it is perfectly reasonable for Rodgers to desire a raise. He has earned it. The Packers may not be willing to meet his demands though. Not with their tight cap situation and having Love on the roster.

No doubt they might’ve hoped he’d give them a team discount. They were mistaken, if so. More likely though this is something that has been building for a long time. Aaron Rodgers was at odds with the Packers brass long before this. It went back to 2019 when they hired head coach Matt Lafleur without speaking to him first. While the two seem to have gotten along fine, Rodgers likely wasn’t happy when Lafleur took the ball out of his hands in that disastrous NFC championship defeat.

Combine that, the Love pick, and now the money issues?

Yeah. It makes perfect sense why he’d been disgruntled. After all, he’s done for that organization, it probably doesn’t feel good to be treated that way. No doubt Rodgers is getting a taste of how Brett Favre felt all those years ago. A reminder that the NFL can be a cold business. Even for the absolute best to ever do it. Will Green Bay trade him? That seems unlikely. At least for the moment.