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Rapper Says Charles Tillman Raided His House As An FBI Agent


Charles Tillman is the best cornerback in Chicago Bears history. That isn’t really up for much debate these days. He’s second in team history in interceptions and first in forced fumbles. The man was truly ahead of his time, the first to implement the now-iconic “Peanut Punch” designed to knock the ball out of the opponent’s hands. It is a move every defensive back tries to use today. This is why Tillman deserves consideration for the Hall of Fame. He changed the game.

Like any athlete, though, his career had to end. The biggest challenge was figuring out what to do after playing sports was no longer an option. Tillman decided to do something nobody expected. He joined the FBI, becoming a legitimate field agent for one of the top law enforcement agencies in the country. He wasn’t idle either. The man saw action during his time there. Prominent Chicago rapper Lil Reese can attest to that. He explained to VladTV on YouTube that Tillman was part of a raid on his house that eventually saw them confiscate close to $100,000.

Lil Reese goes by the real name Tavares Lamont Taylor.

He has a somewhat dark reputation in the Chicago area. He was involved in two different shootings, one in 2019 and another in 2021. In between those incidents, he garnered enormous backlash for a racist tweet directed at Chinese people in 2020. So one can imagine there was little sympathy when the FBI chose to crack down on him. Reese has a history of drug-related arrests going back years so that run-in was probably a long time coming.

Charles Tillman is unlikely to admit one way or another whether it was him, given case confidentiality. Still, the rapper has no reason to lie about such a story. It makes for a wild visual. Lil Reese is 29-years old. He would’ve been 10 when Tillman got drafted by the Bears in 2003. So he would’ve witnessed the entire decade-long run the former Pro Bowler had during his teenage years. It must’ve been a shock to see the man he watched every Sunday turn up at his house in an FBI jacket.

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Yet another piece of Peanut’s growing legend.

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