Does Mike Glennon really grasp the situation he’s walking into? It’s hard to imagine he does. He said he did lots of research trying to find a team that fit him best. Chicago jumped off the screen. Easy to understand. They have a star-laden interior offensive line and a Pro Bowl running back. That’s always a great starting point for a young quarterback anxious to prove something.

The thing is he probably didn’t include a history lesson in that research. Since the year 2000 alone they have had 20 different quarterbacks start at least one game for them. Only the Cleveland Browns have had more in that same time span. Not great company to keep and a perfect encapsulation of what this franchise can’t win anything consistently.

So how exactly does a man handle that sort of pressure, that sort of history? Well the good news is the Cubs just got done showing everybody that ugly histories don’t last forever. Thankfully though a former fan favorite decided to step up and offer the young man some wise advice about what to expect.