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chicago bears mitch trubisky

The Work Ryan Pace Did On Mitch Trubisky Is Downright Obsessive

People like to think this Ryan Pace Mitch Trubisky thing was driven together by panic and roster need. The facts, however, paint a different picture.
jimbo covert

Forgotten Bears Star May Finally Get Some Great News

The Jimbo Covert Hall of Fame hype train has never really left the station, and that's a travesty. Seems like it could also change in the near future.
bill polian loves the bears trubisky pick

Another Hall of Fame GM Loves The Bears Trubisky Pick

If Bill Polian loves the Bears Trubisky pick, there has to be a good reason. A Hall of Fame GM tends to know what good moves look like.
bears rookie dieugot joseph

Bears Rookie Dieugot Joseph Sits Down With Sports Mockery

If Chicago fans are looking for an undrafted free agent to root for, they need look no further than hungry new Bears rookie Dieugot Joseph.
ryan pace

Comments From Titans GM Prove Even More Teams Wanted Mitch Trubisky

As speculation swirls around Ryan Pace's decision to take UNC quarterback Mitchell Trubisky with the second overall pick, reports are starting to leak about the level of interest he was truly generating on the market.It...

Sammy Watkins Becomes A Potential Target For Chicago

The Bears could be a suitor for Watkins considering their depth at the wide receiver position and the departure of Alshon Jeffery.
bears trade for mitch trubisky

Hall of Fame GM Loves The Bears’ Move To Grab Trubisky

The Chicago Bears trade for Mitch Trubisky is still catching a lot of fire from critics. One Hall of Fame GM believes they need to lay off.
adam shaheen

Coach Warns Just How Big A Steal Adam Shaheen Is For Bears

Hopes are high the Adam Shaheen draft steal buzz is real. The Bears badly need another offensive playmaker. His former coach believes it's a fact.
bears mitch trubisky draft

The Reason Chicago Ignored Trubisky’s Biggest Flaw Is Actually Amazing

The Bears Mitch Trubisky draft pick came out of nowhere, leaving many mystified as to why Chicago ignored his biggest red flag. They had a good reason.
mike glennon trade

Mike Glennon Feels Cheated Because Chicago Selected Trubisky

When originally signing with the Bears for $19 million guaranteed, it sounded like Glennon was convinced he'd get his shot, Trubisky has changed that.