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Former Scout Thinks This Is The Chicago Bears Best QB Solution

The Chicago Bears QB situation is in flux for the first time in eight years. So how do they settle it down? A former two-time champion scout has an answer.

History Says There’s A Blueprint From Worst To First And The Bears Are Following...

The Bears have been in an extremely familiar situation before and they went from worst to first.
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Top Draft Experts Make Identical Picks For Chicago Bears at #3

Mel Kiper and Daniel Jeremiah reached an agreement on where the Chicago Bears must spend their #3 pick in the 2017 NFL draft
alshon jeffery bears divorce

Four Teams That Could Come After Alshon Jeffery

These are the teams most likely to pull the trigger on a deal to acquire Alshon Jeffery.
chicago bears mike glennon

Here’s Why The Bears Are a Threat To Sign This Free Agent QB

Chicago Bears Mike Glennon connections might be non-existent at the moment. Given another couple months, that's likely to change.
chicago bears cody whitehair

Cody Whitehair Makes Prestigious List

Chicago Bears rookies are getting all kind of recognition, but none more than Cody Whitehair.

Jay Cutler Is On Vacation And He Is Still Criticized. For His Body.

Jay Cutler is probably used to criticism for his play or his attitude but he probably wasn't ready to be shamed for his body.

Forgotten Quarterback Could Be The Secret To Fixing The Chicago Bears

Everyone keeps talking about new quarterbacks for the Bears, few are mentioning the importance of one they already have.

VIDEO: White Sox New Pitching Freak Throws 110 MPH

Michael Kopech is creating a major buzz already for the Chicago White Sox after Twitter exploded with a video of him completing an unreal feat.
chicago bears julius thomas

Looming Roster Cut Would Solve Giant Chicago Bears Problem

A Chicago Bears Julius Thomas connection would've helped out so much in 2016. Oh well. Maybe getting together in 2017 will make up for that.