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aaron rodgers

Now A “Decent Chance” Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Play In 2021

No matter how many times the Aaron Rodgers situation comes up, it is no less baffling than before. Under normal circumstances, this would not be happening. Quarterbacks don't hold out from their teams mere...
tarik cohen

This Cool Tarik Cohen Draft Story Shines Light On Bears Process

Ryan Pace has enjoyed a lot of success when it comes to finding quality talent later in the NFL draft. Several of his picks since 2015 taken between the 4th and 7th rounds have...
damien williams

Damien Williams Hints Justin Fields’ Wow Moments Keep Multiplying

One of the more surprising additions the Chicago Bears made this offseason was signing Damien Williams. The running back last played a football game in the Super Bowl back in February of 2020. While...
matt nagy

Jay Cutler Went Into Further Detail On Why Matt Nagy Is Good

Matt Nagy has plenty of critics in the Chicago Bears fan community along with the media. People who accuse him of not having a full grasp on how to run a professional NFL offense....
russell wilson

Russell Wilson Confirms He Wanted To Come To Chicago

There were so many what-ifs to the Chicago Bears' 2021 offseason that it's easy to lose track. Multiple times it looked like they had an idea of where the quarterback situation was going, only...
jay cutler

Jay Cutler Finally Opens Up About “S**tshow” Marc Trestman Era

Jay Cutler had one of the most checkered careers for a quarterback in NFL history. He ascended to Pro Bowl status by his third season in Denver. Then the Broncos hired a new head...
justin fields

Justin Fields’ Mastery Of Bears Playbook Is Showing Up Already

Justin Fields has looked the part so far in Chicago Bears practices. At rookie minicamps, he gave the first signs of his self-confidence and obvious physical talent. That has only grown since moving on...
mitch trubisky

Mitch Trubisky Admits Signing With Bills Wasn’t His First Choice

Mitch Trubisky had four seasons with the Chicago Bears. They were certainly unique, featuring some unexpected highs and some spectacular lows. Throwing six touchdowns against Tampa Bay in 2018. Then putting up just three...
justin fields

One Thing Bears Already Notice With Justin Fields? His Killer Instinct

Mitch Trubisky wasn't a terrible quarterback in comparison to others the Chicago Bears have had over the years. However, he was a frustrating one. Among the traits that were most galling about him was...
nick foles

Nick Foles To New York? It Is Gaining Some Newfound Heat

The Chicago Bears are beginning their march to training camp now as summer arrives. OTAs are wrapping up and mandatory minicamps loom later this month. After that, it will be a month-long wait until...