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jay cutler

This Touching Story Reminds You Jay Cutler Was Kind Of Awesome

Jay Cutler was a polarizing figure in Chicago Bears history. He is the franchise leader in every passing category. He was the last quarterback to win a playoff game for them. One would think...
james daniels

James Daniels Reportedly Could Be Switching Positions

The Chicago Bears offensive line deserves credit for what happened in 2021. They started off well in September. Then injuries began to hit. James Daniels tore his pec. Bobby Massie hurt his knee. Both...
chicago bears

Matt Nagy Says Darnell Mooney Is “Right There” With Tyreek Hill

Matt Nagy knows that the Chicago Bears need a quarterback. A lot of people don't seem to think any reputable ones would want to come here. What does this team have? Their best offensive...
brandon marshall

Brandon Marshall Says Pete Carroll Doesn’t Fear Trading Russell Wilson

A lot of people can't comprehend what is happening in Seattle right now. Russell Wilson wants changes. He is tired of getting hit too much and tired of playing in an offensive system that...
russell wilson

REPORT: Bears Have Prioritized Making A Run At Russell Wilson

Chicago Bears fans have heard for over a week now that Russell Wilson listed their team as one of four he'd like to play on if the Seattle Seahawks end up trading. This coming...
matt nagy

Ex-Player Tired Of People Saying Matt Nagy Failed Mitch Trubisky

Matt Nagy is on the hot seat. This is well-established by now. A lot of Chicago Bears fans were upset that George McCaskey decided to retain him and GM Ryan Pace for 2021. The...
olin kreutz

Bears Mailbag — Should Bears Target Russell Wilson Or Deshaun Watson More?

Which QB should the Bears target most? Is the Super Bowl window closed? We discuss that and more in this week's Bears Mailbag.
deshaun watson

Bears’ Deshaun Watson Chase May Not Be So Toothless Insider Says

It's March 4th and Chicago Bears fans are already exhausted by all the quarterback rumors. Free agency is still two weeks away and resolutions don't appear close on any of the big names. The...
robbie gould

Robbie Gould Says He Predicted Double Doink Before It Happened

Robbie Gould knows a thing or two about kicking in Chicago. He did it for a decade. Releasing him is still viewed as one of the biggest mistakes Bears GM Ryan Pace made in...
chicago bears

Chicago Bears Named Perfect Home For Ex-All Pro Linebacker

The Chicago Bears don't look like a team that is going to be active in free agency this year. Then again that is what everybody said last offseason. Then GM Ryan Pace signed Jimmy...