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One Chicago Bears Coaching Option That Is Absolutely In Play


The Chicago Bears remain on track for their first losing season since 2017. At 3-6, the odds of them rallying to avoid that are low. This does not bode well for head coach Matt Nagy. His inability to prevent this team from steadily declining since his great first season in 2018 can’t be ignored. The players are undisciplined, the offense is bad, and the man just doesn’t have any solutions for these problems.

That is why word remains strong a change is coming at head coach. Some are reluctant to believe that is true, but the warning signs are stronger than ever. Even more so than at the end of 2020. In the event this happens, the questions have already begun about who his replacement might be. There is no shortage of possible candidates. The hottest names out there include Dallas offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and Buffalo offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

SM has reported the Bears have continued doing research on this subject.

Probably one of the most controversial names out there is New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Under normal circumstances, this would be a no-brainer. In his 16 years running an NFL offense, his team has ranked top 10 in scoring all but four times. Perhaps his best work yet is happening right now in 2021. Despite boasting a rookie QB in Mac Jones, the Patriots offense is 15th in total yards and 6th in scoring.

Usually, McDaniels would be the easy choice for the hottest head coaching candidate in 2022. So why isn’t he? Two reasons. He was already a head coach once before in Denver just over a decade ago. That stint was marred by multiple controversies including the alienation of quarterback Jay Cutler and a brutal 3-9 start to his second season that saw the Broncos pull the plug. Then eight years later he became the choice for the Indianapolis Colts’ top job. That is until he backed out at the last second to stay in New England. Not a great look by any means.

So would the Chicago Bears dare consider McDaniels?

The simple answer is yes. A source informed me that the 45-year old is on the table for them if and when they become active in their search for Nagy’s replacement. Not just because of his obvious success working with Tom Brady and Jones. Also because he made a favorable impression on them three years ago. People tend to forget the Bears actually interviewed McDaniels on January 5th in 2018. There was some momentum inside the building to give him a look.

Then the Nagy interview happened and the rest is history. The question this time around isn’t whether McDaniels is an option. His success is undeniable. It is whether the Bears can trust him to keep his word after what happened with Indianapolis. Is he still committed to staying in New England or could the allure of Justin Fields bring him to Chicago? It’s hard not to feel some excitement at that pairing.

To that end, there were details offered on what exactly happened.

In other words, McDaniels backed out because he wasn’t sure he could trust Colts GM Chris Ballard. The likely scenario in snatching him as a head coach would involve hiring a GM that he has connections to. Somebody like Patriots director of player personnel Dave Ziegler or former Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff. Would the Chicago Bears be willing to do something like that? Possibly. It may come down to how much they want McDaniels or if somebody else makes a stronger impression similar to Nagy a few years ago.


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Nov 17, 2021 10:35 am

No!! Do not hire this man. The only one who can control him is Belechick. He reminds me of Wez from Mad Max. ( Lord Humongous henchman) This would be Nagy 2.0. Bears need to hire a guy who has offensive abilities and proven track record of QB development. One who will oversee and delegate, not meddle. Epic fail of Fields career if this guy shows up. Bad fit.

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