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Now Anthony Miller Is The Latest To Call Out Matt Nagy


Allen Robinson hasn’t been shy about sharing his feelings lately regarding Matt Nagy. He seems to think the former Chicago Bears head coach actively sabotaged him last season by diminishing the number of targets he got during games. The passing game didn’t go through him as it had in the previous three years. Here’s the thing. Robinson isn’t the first player to call out Nagy in public. One of them even did it while he was still on the team. That was Anthony Miller.

Say what you will about the former Bears 2nd round pick. He’s earned most of the criticisms he’s gotten over the past year since the team cut him. At the same time, he hinted as far back as December 2020 that Nagy was a bigger problem than people realized. He suggested during a presser that the coach had a bad tendency to go rogue during games, straying away from game plans and calling plays the team hadn’t practiced. Hence the constant miscommunication and poor execution.

“I think the plays that we practice and that we execute in practice all week, they need to be called when we get to the game on Sunday.”

Now, after seeing Robinson’s comments, it appears Miller is feeling vindication.

jeez from CHIBears

It is a disturbing trend to see so many former and soon-to-be-former Bears speak out like this. Anthony Miller wasn’t the first to say Nagy was a problem. Kyle Long got there first before anybody. He made it clear the coach had issues with handling people from the moment the former Pro Bowl guard was released. Not to mention his constant digs at the idea Nagy was some offensive genius.

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Players seemed to sense that something was always off with him. His questionable play calling. The corny motivational tactics. An inability to hold players accountable or adjust to their strengths on the field. This is why he never really developed any players to become better despite replacing his entire offensive coaching staff. Plenty of people were happy to see him go. Miller is one of them.

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