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NFL Scout Outright Says Bears Will Regret Benching Tyson Bagent


The Chicago Bears made their stance clear for weeks. While Justin Fields was out with his dislocated thumb, his status as the starting quarterback would not change. Once he was healthy, the job would go back to him. Rookie Tyson Bagent did everything asked of him, leading the Bears to a 2-2 record in four games. He looked far better than anybody expected, showcasing poise and precision no undrafted player from Division II should ever have. That wasn’t enough to convince the team he deserved more time.

It isn’t a surprise. Fields had two of his best games in a Bears uniform before getting hurt against Minnesota. The Bears have to know if that player was real or simply the byproduct of facing two bad defenses. Most people understand and even agree with the decision. Not everybody, though. Some in NFL circles think Bagent showed more than enough to justify more playing time. Insider Bob McGinn of Go Long TD asked around the league about the various quarterback situations in the NFC North.

He got some significant feedback on the Fields-Bagent situation.

Fields returns Sunday at Detroit after missing 4 ½ games with a thumb injury. “I think he’ll be on a short leash,” one scout said. “They’ve got to make a decision. Do they pick up a fifth-year option on Fields? Do they extend Fields? Or do they get rid of Fields and use one of those two high picks on a quarterback?” Bagent has gone 2-2 with a passer rating of 71.4. He has taken five sacks whereas Fields absorbed 24. “I like Tyson Bagent better than Fields,” one scout said. “He came in and was totally in charge. That rookie has some shit to him.”

Tyson Bagent may get another shot sooner than we think.

A few things must be kept in mind. Fields might be back, but that doesn’t mean he has suddenly learned to protect himself better. He will likely play in a similar style to the one he did before the thumb injury. The next four games will be against three opponents with good defenses. Three of them will be on the road. It would be a surprise if he didn’t take more hard hits during that stretch. A bad angle from one of them could send him right back to the injury report. Bagent would have to step in once again.

Then there is the Matt Eberflus situation. Most agree the head coach needs to win some games down the stretch to preserve his job security beyond 2023. Fields is 1-5 this season. Tyson Bagent has a better record despite starting fewer games. Not all of that is because of him, but it’s worth noting. Eberflus may feel forced to make a change if Fields can’t turn some of these next few games into wins.

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Plenty of fans will call the idea insane. Yet this is a paid NFL professional scout. He evaluates players for a living. For him to say Bagent has something, it might be wise for the Bears to listen. Sure, his production hasn’t been great, but few rookies ever look good four starts into their careers. See #1 overall pick Bryce Young for a reminder.


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Nov 19, 2023 3:20 pm

Exactly right and todays shitshow proved that Justin Fumbles will always choke in the clutch. He doesnt have it when it matters. Bagent has far less talent but instinctively does the proper things when it matters. Meanwhile theres never a leash on Eberflus. Id fire him today if I could. He has nothing left to offer. Poor play calls, bad defensive play calling by him( yes he runs the defense ) and players going ti the sideline really pissed off, meaning team infighting. Why is he still here? Tradition? That can kiss my ass! Waiting till the end of the… Read more »

Nov 19, 2023 8:40 am

It’s kind of sad that people expected Bagent to look like an NFL QB with three year’s experience under his belt, but never asked the same of JF1. That said, I don’t think the Bears had any choice but to give Fields one more chance. The Bears have a horrible reputation dating back decades when it comes to developing QBs. If they just pull the plug on Fields without giving him a final chance to prove he can do better than his understudy, they’d never live it down. Ideally, Fields understands this is his last chance in Chicago, balls out,… Read more »

Nov 19, 2023 3:18 am

Why is it everybody wants the back up qb throughout the league when qb1 falters? Have any of the fans ever not made a mistake during their employment? I dare say if we were fired for that, the unemployment rate would be much higher than it is.

Nov 18, 2023 11:50 pm

Everyone likes Bagent’s technical skills, but a) how developed is this team? and b) what can Fields do, that Bagent can’t? Fields gives the team a 4th down (see how Philadelphia uses Jalen Hurts and their 4th down success rate). Fields extends the “red zone,” Bagent has to throw into a crowd (or maybe that’s his technical superiority). Is Fields inconsistent or holding the ball too long or getting sacked more? See what the Bears have been doing for last 4 games – and put Fields out there. DJ Moore was frustrated because Bagent couldn’t throw over a defender which… Read more »

Nov 18, 2023 9:07 pm

If Bagent is to return there are 2 ways. The aforementioned injury to Fields which nobody hopes happens. Then there’s just poor play. For every amazing game he has had there are 2 dumpster fires. With 2 Detroit, a Vikings and a Browns Defense that is elite he could just look bad and they say that’s enough and bench him and let Bagent get the Falcons, Cardinals and Packers. He gets valuable experience and probably another win or 2. Then they trade Fields and draft a top 2 QB.

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