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Mitch Trubisky Proves His Late-Season Rally Was A Mirage

Mitch Trubisky Proves His Late-Season Rally Was A Mirage
Jan 3, 2021; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (10) looks to pass against the Green Bay Packers during the first quarter at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

Mitch Trubisky had one last chance. A chance to show that he really has turned a corner in his NFL career. That the rally down the stretch resulting in three-straight wins was because he’d learned out to play quarterback better. Not because he just happened to face one of the weakest stretches of opposing defenses of the entire season. Facing the Green Bay Packers and their 6th-ranked pass defense in a must-win game was the perfect measuring stick.

The results may have surprised many. They shouldn’t have. Trubisky was exactly the same player he’s been most of the past three years. Indecisive, erratic, and completely lacking in awareness when he’s forced to think. What stood out the most in yet another Chicago Bears loss to Green Bay was how predictable it all was. Trubisky rarely pushed the ball down the field. He refused to run. Oh and he should’ve had yet another crippling interception in the end zone if Kevin King had halfway decent hands. Then of course at the end of the game, he throws another backbreaking pick to Adrian Amos.

Fans wanted an answer. Well, they got it. It just isn’t the one they wanted.

Trubisky is what he is. He’s an average quarterback who can beat bad opponents but looks lost going against good ones. Some people might be fine with that. Keeping him at a cheaper price is preferable to some of the other options out there. Then again, don’t the Bears have the right to maintain high standards at that position? If not, they should. Settling for mediocrity doesn’t lead to wins in the modern NFL. Not at quarterback.

They have a right to demand more. Now if Trubisky wants to stick around on a cheap one-year deal? That is something to consider. He can operate as a sort of bridge option until Ryan Pace or whoever the next Bears GM is can find that next guy. Sinking tens of millions of dollars is not a smart business decision at this point. If this QB can’t bring his best against the biggest rival the team has? He isn’t made for Chicago.

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Mitch Trubisky isn’t “bad.” He’s just not good enough

When looking at the full picture? If you removed the fact that Trubisky was a #2 overall pick and was instead maybe a 2nd rounder and he ended up playing as he has? A lot of people would call that a pretty decent success story. There have been way, way worse 2nd round QB throughout history. The problem is that just isn’t the case. Chicago did take him #2 overall, and that comes with appropriate levels of expectations.

Looking at his numbers and his film? It just doesn’t add up to a franchise quarterback. Understand this isn’t a knock on the guy. He’s a great kid. He has done anything and everything asked of him. He embraced being a leader, did all the hard work, and took the hits in front of the cameras. Mitch Trubisky should be commended for that. Yet it doesn’t mean much to the bottom line. He was drafted to be the cornerstone of this franchise.

After four seasons, it’s clear he isn’t up to that task.

They gave him every opportunity. It wasn’t a perfect situation but it was good enough. He didn’t get it done. Continuing with this approach for another season will only lead to similar results. If not worse given how much the Bears defense has begun to slow down lately. It’s time to look beyond this experiment.

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