Sunday, August 14, 2022

The 3 Vital Mitch Trubisky Plays That Won Chicago the Game


The Mitch Trubisky plays that saved the win were all him

Truth be told the Bears offense didn’t given Mitch much help most of the afternoon. The play calling creativity was lacking. Penalties were prevalent as were missed assignments that led him to taking unwarranted criticism. In the end though good quarterbacks overcome and find a way to win. Trubisky did that.

Play #1:  27-yard TD pass to Dion Sims

On this play the offensive line allows immediate pressure up the middle by #93. Keeping his eyes down the field, Trubisky rolls right to buy himself a little extra time. It’s there he showcases his accuracy by dropping the ball in the bucket between the corner and safety to Dion Sims for the 27-yard touchdown. It should’ve been the play that broke open the game. Instead the kickoff team allowed a touchdown on the next play.

Play #2:  Preventing a safety on bad snap from center

Athleticism is a cornerstone of what Trubisky does but so is awareness. Sure his pocket presence has been a bit inconsistent to this point, but he’s demonstrated an ability to not panic in tough situations. This was a huge one. Facing 2nd and 17 two plays after the kickoff return touchdown, Cody Whitehair continued his bad 2017 snapping the ball. He sent it flying over Trubisky’s head. That easily could’ve been a touchdown or safety for Baltimore.

Instead Trubisky scooped it up, evaded the defender and threw it away to prevent a loss. That cost the Ravens both points and time, which ended up costing them the game.

Play#3:  Set up winning field goal with first down pass

This was the throw of the game. It’s a clutch moment. Chicago is outside field goal range. It’s 3rd and 11. They can’t afford to give the ball back to Baltimore. Trubisky takes the snap, evades pressure from his right by stepping into the pocket and has to throw jumping off his back foot with a defender in his face. The ball is only where Kendall Wright can get it and the receiver goes up to make a big catch. Three plays later Connor Barth kicked the winning field goal.

Steve Young said that Trubisky provided the Bears hope. This was the first game that exemplified what he meant. Pulling out a win like this is exactly the way the rookie is going to get his teammates to start believing they can win.

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