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Matt Eberflus Hints At Looming Bears Lineup Changes


After a promising 2-1 start, the Chicago Bears are 2-4 and losers of three straight. What makes it even worse for head coach Matt Eberflus is every game was within one score. They fellow 28-20 to the Giants, 29-22 to the Vikings, and 12-7 to the Commanders. Every time something happened in the 4th quarter to ruin their chances. Velus Jones muffed a punt return. Ihmir Smith-Marsette fumbled. Darnell Mooney couldn’t hang onto a touchdown.

Not being able to finish. That is the long and short of it. Now Eberflus has 11 days to find solutions. The Bears don’t play again until October 24th on Monday Night Football in New England. During his day-after press conference, he explained that the coaching staff would use every extra moment to evaluate the team. That includes the possibility of making lineup changes. Keep in mind he said this without being prompted, which means he’s likely been thinking about it already.

Matt Eberflus isn’t blind. He sees the problems too.

They were the primary reasons for every loss this year. The challenge is finding solutions for them. Right now, most would agree the offensive line is the most central concern. Fields has been sacked 23 times in six games. That puts him on pace for 65 this season. People keep wondering what’s wrong with the Bears’ passing game. Easy. Start up front. The primary culprits for the issues are Sam Mustipher, Lucas Patrick, and Braxton Jones.

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That trio has allowed a combined 46 pressures on Fields. Something has to change, or they’re going to get him killed. Riley Reiff and Michael Schofield are two longtime veterans. Maybe throwing them into the mix might give the line more stability.

Matt Eberflus also has to try something different at wide receiver. Dante Pettis has four drops in the past three games. Equanimeous St. Brown hasn’t been much of a factor. Smith-Marsette keeps making mistakes. Maybe it’s time to get Velus Jones more involved or call up guys like Isaiah Coulter or Reggie Roberson from the practice squad. At least it sounds like the Bears are willing to entertain such ideas.


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Oct 15, 2022 1:12 pm

What’s the definition of insanity? “doing the same thing and expecting different results”. One of my favorite sayings and this is increasingly true with the Bears. There’s something to developing young players and giving people a second chance like a lot of the aforementioned players but not at the expense of the team. Don’t have Velus return kicks but get him more involved in the run/pass game. Give some other receivers an opportunity; put Smith-Marsette on the practice squad, if he gets picked up so be it but the way he’s played I doubt it. Nagy drove me crazy because… Read more »

Ralph Law
Ralph Law
Oct 15, 2022 11:38 am

The former Packers backup center has been a disappointment. Yes, I realize he’s playing out of position but they could have fixed this problem before the season started.

Thomas J Cameron
Thomas J Cameron
Oct 15, 2022 11:27 am

Anyone considering trading Ro-Q and/or Quinn for some stud linemen? Also, how about Eberflus give his overmatched line some help in protection by using extra TEs or FB? What about we use that FB for some help on goal-line rushes?

Oct 15, 2022 12:26 am

In watching the pressure on Fields, it’s easy to talk about the Bears line not having talent, or the physical ability to hold their own in the NFL, especially when it comes to everyone’s favorite whipping boy, Sam Mustipher. The thing I think most people are missing is that most of the pressure coming up the middle seems to be because of blown assignments, rather than Mustipher being manhandled. On the edge, with Braxton Jones, you see him dominate one play (when using good technique) and get run over the next play (because his technique falls apart). Actually, the only… Read more »

Oct 14, 2022 7:59 pm

Tom Brady didn’t always have all day to throw. His internal clock is 2.5 seconds. 🤣

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