Sunday, August 14, 2022

Luke Getsy Made Another Smart Adjustment To Help Justin Fields


Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy knew he had a ton of work to do if he was going to help Justin Fields ascend as a quarterback. Already through their first few months working together, it’s apparent the young coach knows what he’s doing. His first order of business was changing Fields’ footwork, learning how to take his drops and shuffle inside the pocket properly. Then he moved to the throwing motion, teaching the QB how to speed up the process until he could get the ball out fast enough to avoid pass rushers.

Now it appears the Bears coaching staff is moving to more comprehensive methods. That was evident during Friday’s training camp practice. The defense wore scout team jerseys, meaning they were operating out of specific looks that the Bears expect to see from their opponents this year. To do this less than two weeks into camp is unusual. Beat writers Adam Jahns and Kevin Fishbain of The Athletic admitted it’s by far the earliest they’ve ever seen it happen. Getsy explained during his presser why it was done.

This is a minor comment but carries significant weight.

It shows that the Bears coaching staff is already looking far ahead to what’s coming this season. Most important of all is how seriously they’re taking the NFC North games. They know the division determines the success or failure of a regular season more than anything in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings, their two biggest rivals, both run a 3-4 defense. It makes perfect sense for the offense to practice against those looks as often as possible.

Other opponents like the New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, and Atlanta Falcons will also run it. That is seven games the Bears will likely see a 3-4 alignment. Seven games can change the course of a season, especially if a team goes into them unprepared.

Luke Getsy has a plan for Fields, and it’s slowly unfolding.

That might sound unusual to outsiders. Of course he has a plan. He’s a coach. That is what they’re supposed to have. They don’t understand. They didn’t live through the past four years of Matt Nagy. It became evident so many times during that period the former head coach had no real plan for his quarterbacks. The lack of preparation during those years was appalling and a big reason why the offense consistently ranked among the NFL’s worst.

It is already apparent Luke Getsy is far better prepared for this job than Nagy was. Having extensive experience in several different offenses plays a big part in this. He’s seen how other coaching staffs go about cultivating the quarterback position. Now he is applying those lessons to Fields, and the early signs are positive.

The young QB already looks sharper and more efficient.

There will be bumps in the road to come. Learning a new offense takes time. Mistakes happen. The goal is to steadily limit them until the good far outweighs the bad. Getsy is on top of everything, which is something to get excited about.


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Aug 7, 2022 7:44 am

Preparation starts with the HC and his coordinators and is then carried over to the players for each and every game. One constant that will stand out each week is this team will be prepared and will play to win for 4 quarters not just the first 30 or 45 minutes. Also, as a fan, you can be assured that R Poles will constantly look for talent to help build this team into a consistent divisional and super bowl threat. I feel like for the first time in decades this finally has a GM, HC, OC, DC, and ST Coach… Read more »

Bill K
Bill K
Aug 6, 2022 10:25 pm

I hope Getsy is as good as advertised – and that he sticks around for 2-3 years before taking a HC job. I don’t want Fields to be another casualty like Cutler was because he has a new OC almost every year and had to learn a new offense. The teams that are consistently good have stability at both the QB position and the HC and OC positions.

Aug 6, 2022 6:15 pm

Yes, anything we have now is better than the poor excuse for an offense that Nagy “brought”. But the players are definitely buying in and that speaks VOLUMES about where they are and what they could be.
I’m excited for this team and to see the growth of it!

Aug 6, 2022 4:20 pm

Trubisky commented that after not receiving much direction or preparation, he asked Nagy for a one on one meeting. Nagy never showed for the meeting.
Nagy was a HC fraud in every respect

Jim B
Jim B
Aug 6, 2022 10:38 am

It is understadable. After 4 years of Nagy idiocy a competent coaching staff will look amazing. Thats not to say the coaching staff will win a lot of games, the players do that. But a inept coaching staff made of unbendable idiots can loose games

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