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Lions Player Openly Says Matt Eberflus Is The Problem With Bears


The Chicago Bears had the game won. They were up 12 with four minutes left. For a normal football team, that is a win. Sadly, we’ve established this team is anything but normal. After watching them squander a 28-7 lead in the 4th quarter against Denver a few weeks ago, people should’ve known that no lead is safe for the Bears. Sure enough, the Detroit Lions scored quickly, got a quick stop, and scored again with 29 seconds left. It was another brutal meltdown that head coach Matt Eberflus failed to explain away. All he could say after the carnage was the team needed to finish better.

As always, the man has a gift for understatement. He also has a gift for 4th quarter collapses. That marked the fourth time in a calendar year that his team gave away the lead in the final 15 minutes of a game. Such a trend is inexcusable, especially for a head coach supposedly known for strong defenses. People continue debating what the problems are with this Bears team. However, it’s becoming obvious to all that everything starts with Eberflus. He is the source for almost all of their issues. Even opponents can see it. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune spoke to a top Lions player. His assessment was clear.

Talent isn’t the Bears’ problem.

Coaches are always saying glowing things about opponents — present and future — especially in front of cameras and recorders. I asked linebacker Alex Anzalone if Campbell was working that same message in team meetings. Yes, he was, Anzalone said. Then, I asked for the veteran’s assessment.

“100%, they have a good team,” Anzalone said of the Bears. “You could see it on film. They have a great team.”

Hold on, I said. It’s a 3-8 team. We have to rethink how we throw around the word great, right?

“I would say great personnel,” Anzalone replied. “I think defensively, they have two really good corners. I know (Tyrique) Stevenson. I train with him. I watch the defense a lot (when studying offenses the Lions will prepare for). They have some money in the linebacker room and they’ve got Eddie Jackson back there (at safety). They’ve got a physical D-line and they got (Montez) Sweat. Defensively, they have great personnel in my opinion.

“Offensively, getting Justin Fields back will help them a ton. They have Cole Kmet and DJ Moore. The personnel is there. It’s just about putting it together.

Matt Eberflus can’t hide from the evidence.

For 55 minutes on Sunday, the Bears players outplayed the Lions in every facet of the game. Detroit is the second-best team in the NFC. Chicago wasn’t just beating them. They were beating them up. Then, several conservative coaching decisions in the final minutes opened the door for the Lions to steal the game. That collapse had nothing to do with a more talented team simply overpowering a less talented one. Chicago was sabotaged by a coach who was making decisions not to lose.

This is who Matt Eberflus is. He is another in a long line of defensive head coaches who coach teams defensively despite the rules being heavily skewed in favor of the offenses. You need to have an aggressive mindset to win in this league. Too many times, he has demonstrated a total lack of it. This doesn’t even account for his clock management, personnel decisions, and inability to instill more discipline in his players. When talent is no longer the problem with an organization, it’s time to address the coaching.

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Eberflus isn’t the guy. The Bears must do something about it six weeks from now.


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Nov 21, 2023 2:26 am

For sure it’s time for a new coaching staff. Whether the Bears keep Fields or not should depend on who they plan on bringing in next. Hire people that have done the job at a high level and have proven track records. No first time head coaches or first time offensive coordinators. It’s too much of a gamble for this team, and this team SUCKS at gambling.

Nov 21, 2023 1:39 am

Aside from a tiny percentage of fans who preach patience, I think almost all of us would like a new HC. But Poles is the only person who’s opinion counts, so…

Don’t get your hopes up. It’s hard enough being a Bears fan without false hopes.

Nov 20, 2023 8:25 pm

When the title of the article says “Lions player openly says Matt Eberflus is the problem with the Bears” but the player never called out a single name that’s not openly saying anything it’s presumptuous…. That’s what they call clickbait for suckers

Last edited 5 months ago by SuckMyDitka34
Nov 20, 2023 6:50 pm

@Kingblessedman don’t count out Malik Washington from UVA. He’s absolutely torched every defense he’s played this year on a 3-8 UVA team with 2 no name QBs throwing to him this year. He’s an absolute beast and the best WR in the ACC. Yes even over Coleman. He’s also leading the Biletnikoff Award voting right now and he’s the best WR that the average fan doesn’t know about simply because of the team he plays for. He’s not big but he’s fast, has terrific hands, and is the king of YAC.

Nov 20, 2023 6:44 pm

I would love Ben Johnson but he is so young without a ton of connections I’m not so sure he’d be able to bring in a good enough supporting coaching staff such as DC etc. Same feeling goes for Kellen Moore. I think they need to make more connections around the league still. Staley is likely fired therfore he would be a likely DC candidate but who knows? Houston OC Bobby Slowik might be an option? He comes from the Shanahan tree and is really young too. Right now I’m leaning towards 4 guys being at the top of the… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by David

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