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Latest Keenan Allen Comments Suggest He Won’t Be Back Next Year


Acquiring Keenan Allen from the Los Angeles Chargers was a stroke of good fortune for the Chicago Bears. They badly needed a proven wide receiver across from D.J. Moore, especially as they were about to secure quarterback Caleb Williams with the #1 overall pick. Now, the Bears have two Pro Bowl-caliber targets for him to utilize. However, some fans are concerned about what the future holds for Allen beyond 2024. The team gave up a 4th round pick to get him. One would think they’d like to keep the veteran for more than one year.

Unfortunately, circumstances make that difficult. Allen turns 32 this year and is in the last season of his contract. He will be a free agent in 2025. Hopes were high that GM Ryan Poles would work quickly to secure him to some contract extension. However, it became clear both sides wanted to put that idea on the back burner and see how the season went. Based on new comments from the receiver at Bears mandatory minicamps, it became harder to imagine he returns next season.

“I’m going to play as long as I can,” Allen said. “As far as an extension, I’m going to let the play speak for itself, and if they offer me something that I like, we’ll go from there.”

“That’s the goal right now is to go out and do what I always do and just try to remain who I am,” Allen said. “And the market just got reset.”

Keenan Allen sounds intent on getting another big payday.

There is nothing wrong with that. He is well within his rights to do so. The problem is he isn’t the only one the Bears want to extend. Rumors have circulated they’re hoping to lock up Moore for the future as well. He has one distinct advantage of being four years younger. Allen referenced the recent deal signed by Justin Jefferson for $35 million per year. That means Moore, presuming he has another standout season, will likely wish to crack the $30 million per year barrier. Allen almost certainly hopes to do the same.

The Bears can’t justify paying two receivers that kind of money. If given a choice, Moore is the obvious one. That means Keenan Allen is likely playing his only season in navy blue. Chicago drafted Rome Odunze #9 overall. They know they have insurance in case the six-time Pro Bowler wanted big money. His comments above suggest that is definitely the case. While unfortunate since it’d be nice to see this trio together for a longer period, this is the unavoidable business of football.

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Jun 9, 2024 8:22 am

I don’t think there is a realistic scenario where I would WANT Allen to stay. It’s not that I don’t like him, I just think the scenarios are 1) he’s amazing this year, which is great, but then the Bears would have to overpay a 33-year old WR to keep him, 2) he’s only OK this year and is willing to come back at a discount, or 3) he is disappointing this year and they let him go. None of these is really desirable beyond this year. Him being amazing this year AND coming back at a discount just doesn’t… Read more »

Jun 6, 2024 8:42 am

Hey guys,

This isn’t Madden.

Everyone in the NFL gets paid.

The only difference in Keenan Allen’s situation — is not everyone has a perpetual rookie GM, willing to pay $23 million for an aging, oft-injured, WR who has spent his entire NFL career in a warm-weather region of the country.

But, while Keenan is here, let’s rock!

Jun 5, 2024 7:28 pm

He can stay longer if HE wants to. If he doesn’t WANT to stay then thanks for stopping by. The Bears want guys that WANT to be here. Not just guys that want the $$.

Jun 5, 2024 11:49 am

I hope he has a great season and wish him the best but in my mind after the draft he was always gonna be a 1 year rental. Rome can hopefully slide right into his role in the offense and save us 30 mil on next years cap. He would be a luxury but not necessary.

Last edited 1 month ago by 34sweetness343434
Dr. Steven Sallie
Dr. Steven Sallie
Jun 5, 2024 11:34 am

Why worry about that extra 4th, when we know Allen should easily outperform Cranepool, who cost the #32 pick? If he helps the Bears and gets Caleb off to a good start, then Allen will be worth the one-year rental. Maybe he will desire to stay in Chicago.

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