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Kyler Gordon And Jaquan Brisker Reportedly Have Halas Hall Buzzing


The Chicago Bears didn’t make many friends in the draftnik community when they spent their top two selections in April on Washington cornerback Kyler Gordon and Penn State safety Jaquan Brisker. It had nothing to do with the fact either player was bad. Everything was about how they weren’t offensive players. They couldn’t help Justin Fields. As a result, the picks were terrible. People inside the building didn’t care then and care even less now.

Reports have trickled out over the past couple of weeks that the two rookies were looking sharp in early practices. Nothing to get excited over, right? Wrong. Bears insider Adam Jahns revealed on the Hoge & Jahns podcast that he’s spoken to multiple players and coaches at Halas Hall. Every time the subject of those two rookies comes up, there is legitimate excitement expressed. Early impressions or not, people think the team has something.

Kyler Gordon and Jaquan Brisker have chips on their shoulders.

Don’t forget that both players didn’t agree with the ultimate results of the draft. Gordon was forced to sit through the entire 1st round in the green room and returned the next day before finally getting picked. That couldn’t have been easy to swallow. Then when the Bears selected Brisker a few moments later, he declared they got the steal of the draft. So he wasn’t too happy about falling, either.

The fact both players arrived at minicamps and OTAs with intensity and hustle is a great sign for what’s to come. If they’re already making plays now, there is no telling how much better they’ll get as mastery of the new defensive system improves. The Bears have gotten excellent contributions from rookie defensive backs before. Mark Carrier had 10 interceptions in 1990. Charles Tillman had four interceptions and two forced fumbles in 2003. There is no reason to think Kyler Gordon and Jaquan Brisker can’t contribute immediately.

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By the sound of it, both are on track to start immediately. Neither faces big obstacles to that goal. Matt Eberflus, unlike his predecessor, never has qualms about starting rookies if they earn the opportunity. This is a good thing for the future.

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