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Kevin Warren May Have Hinted At The Bears Plans With Justin Fields


In an interview with WGN, Kevin Warren sat down with Jarrett Payton and the two discussed a variety of topics surrounding the Chicago Bears. Here are three of my biggest takeaways from the full interview.

The Chicago Bears staying in Chicago is very alive.

At the start of the interview, Jarrett Payton asked Warren about stadium plans, which was a great start to the conversation. Warren indicated that all possibilities are still being considered, but he finds the idea of keeping the Chicago Bears in the city very attractive. He expressed his dream of the Bears hosting and even winning the Super Bowl in Chicago. Warren also noted that the city has missed out on significant revenue due to not having a fixed roof. Additionally, he confirmed that regardless of the location of the stadium, the Bears will no longer have to deal with harsh weather conditions. Bear weather will be no more. They will become an indoor team, which I am not upset with at all.

“If we are able to stay in Chicago, it needs to be as close to the lakefront as possible. I visualize the day we win a Super Bowl in our stadium in Chicago.”

Matt Eberflus’s job was always safe.

Jarrett asked Kevin Warren about his thoughts on head coach Matt Eberflus overall performance this season. Warren praised Eberflus, emphasizing that the third year of Eberflus and Ryan Poles contract is when things should truly start to click. He explained that building a team takes time. Despite not being totally sold on bringing back Eberflus, I believe the revamped coaching staff and the addition of talent through free agency and the draft will be enough to truly elevate Eberflus in 2024.

The QB decision hasn’t been made.

Kevin Warren shared his thoughts on Justin Fields and discussed the possibilities for the Bears with the first overall pick. He expressed something intriguing about the top pick that caught my attention.

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“Think last year… turning the #1 pick into DJ Moore & Darnell Wright & Stevenson. If we can replicate back to back years to really be smart about how we handle our draft capital this year, it can be a really special time for the Chicago Bears”

The Bears have a fantastic opportunity to secure a significant return for the first overall pick once again. Kevin mentioned the possibility of replicating the trade with the Carolina Panthers, but it’s important to note that Bryce Young doesn’t quite match up to Caleb Williams in terms of prospects. Therefore, the Bears could potentially receive an even better deal or explore the option of executing a double trade back, similar to what they almost did last year. Additionally, Kevin expressed his admiration for Justin Fields.

Ryan Poles is the one who calls the shots regarding football matters for the Bears, not Kevin Warren. Poles holds full authority in this regard. While Warren’s remarks about Fields are significant, the ultimate decision regarding the quarterback rests solely with Poles. But Warren’s remarks are intriguing, and I genuinely believe that he holds significant influence within the team due to the level of collaboration within organization.

Final Thoughts

The Bears currently find themselves in an advantageous position. Whether they decide to continue with Justin Fields or opt to draft a new quarterback, they have great options ahead. Ryan Poles efforts in reshaping the roster have been well executed, and Kevin Warren’s insightful interview with Jarrett Payton adds to the intrigue. However, there’s uncertainty regarding the validity of Warren’s remarks about the draft and quarterback situation. Some speculate that his comments were aimed at driving up Justin Fields trade value and inflating the market price. Ultimately, the true implications remain uncertain, but depending on one’s perspective, the interview provides significant insights. Now we wait.

The truth about Justin Fields and Caleb Williams..

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Feb 15, 2024 12:27 pm

So I guess if we had Purdy or Hurts we’d be playing in Championships? Yeah, not. Both have better supporting casts. I like Purdy but he has a lot to prove and I’d take Fields over Hurts right now without blinking an eye.

Feb 15, 2024 10:22 am


I would just add to your comment, when JF1 is coached by Shanahan and his staff, you can make this apples to apples.

Feb 15, 2024 7:58 am

@Outsider—typical comparison, but it’s apples and oranges. When Fields is throwing passes to Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle & Christian McCaffrey out of the backfield—maybe THEN you can start comparing TD totals with Purdy. Until then, it’s apples and oranges–

Feb 15, 2024 7:19 am

Something tells me it wasn’t just Getsy involved in the total team performance, JF has 17 more games than Purdy but 4 less TD’s than Purdy kind of sums it up.

Feb 14, 2024 10:02 pm

, how does quarterback comparisons make any sense when it’s not just the quarterback involved? Any pass play involves multiple players and unless all players on all of the teams of quarterbacks in comparison are exactly the same, your comparisons are flawed.

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