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Justin Fields Left Undeniable Proof In Tampa His Time Is Up


People have tried to stay patient with Justin Fields. They knew he walked into a difficult situation with the Chicago Bears in 2021. The regime changed in his second season, and he didn’t have much help that first year. Hopes were high that he could finally take a step forward this year. The Bears had improved the roster around him. It was the second season in the same offense. He didn’t have to become a star. All he had to do was show more progress as a passer. Through two games, it has been the complete opposite.

If anything, Fields appears to have somehow gotten worse. Nothing about his process is working. His drop-back is agonizingly slow. The windup on his throw is still too long. Yet the worst of all remains his operation in the pocket. There were multiple instances in Tampa Bay where it was painfully obvious he held the ball too long. Not only that, but in both instances, it wasn’t because his receivers were covered. Guys were open. He refused to pull the trigger.

This isn’t anything new. It’s been a consistent problem for the past two years. It might be time to face reality. Maybe this is who Fields is.

Justin Fields may not survive the rest of the season.

He’s already been sacked ten times through two games. He keeps getting hit and now had more interceptions than touchdowns. Sometimes, it’s because the protection isn’t great. Too often, it’s because he invites the pressure himself. The quarterback must always work to protect himself, too. Fields doesn’t do that. If he doesn’t get hurt at some point, his continued inconsistency on the field might get him benched anyway. The Bears are already 0-2, with Kansas City up next. That figures to make it 0-3. If this season gets out of hand early, the team may decide to try somebody else at quarterback.

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Maybe it’s Tyson Bagent. The rookie showed flashes in the preseason. At this point, several Bears fans would prefer it. They already know what Justin Fields is. In truth, the organization will stick with him for now. They have to see if he can pull himself out of this nosedive. That is reasonable, even if it feels futile.

The hard truth is the Bears have to go hunting for yet another new quarterback in 2024. Maybe Justin Fields will end up on another team and transform into a star. Then again, they said the same thing about Mitch Trubisky. If it happens, it happens. The bottom line is he isn’t working out here. This regime gave him an opportunity. The situation wasn’t perfect, but he got two years to show something. It wasn’t enough.

He can’t execute consistently from drive to drive and remains ineffective in crunch time. Excuses must end at some point. It’s fitting Ryan Pace’s last home run swing is another strikeout.


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Sep 18, 2023 6:23 am

get spell check and paste to work here please

Sep 17, 2023 4:31 pm

As a die-hard Bears fan for over 40 years, I hate to say it, but GB’s QB looks a lot more prepared and productive than Fields. And he’s only started a couple of games with most of the offensive weapons out with injury.

Sep 17, 2023 3:50 pm

What is up with this site?? Why is that I’m logged in, I can comment on some articles and not others? I have to continue to log in and it still doesn’t work.

Sep 17, 2023 3:45 pm

Lousy site like PFT before they changed. a large amount of censoring and probably funded under the table by the McCaskeys

Sep 17, 2023 2:48 pm

No more excuses. Fields should be traded before the deadline to any team that thinks they can save him. And, a 4th or 5th will do.

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