Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Justin Fields Kept His Hate For Green Bay Private. Not Caleb Williams


If you’re going anywhere in a Chicago Bears uniform, you must embrace one reality above all others. Beating the Green Bay Packers is the primary goal. It is especially true these days since the team hasn’t won a game against their eternal rivals since 2018. Part of the problem has been a constant mismatch at quarterback. Green Bay keeps churning out Hall of Famers. The Bears haven’t even come remotely close to good in that same span, never mind great. Justin Fields tried to embrace the rivalry, but it never felt like his full emotion was in it. Maybe that is why he never beat them in three seasons of trying. Caleb Williams is making his feelings on the matter clear right away.

The rookie quarterback appears at the most recent Chicago Cubs game, enjoying all sorts of activities with teammate Rome Odunze. He appeared at a local bar where the fans instantly recognized him, breaking into chants of “MVP! MVP!” Williams took it all in, egging them on. The best part came when those chants shifted to “Green Bay sucks!” That was when the quarterback really got animated.

Caleb Williams is a man of the people.

He understood the situation he was walking into. Everybody kept saying Chicago is a tough town. They take their football seriously. Better not mess up. That kind of pressure doesn’t seem to have affected the quarterback at all. He’s embracing the fans like no one has before. Rather than run from the spotlight, he welcomes it. Maybe that is why the Bears felt he was perfect. History says you need a quarterback who doesn’t fear the attention. Joe Namath, Phil Simms, Jim McMahon, Eli Manning, and Matthew Stafford all have that same personality quirk. They were able to separate what goes on off the field and on it.

It appears Caleb Williams is the same. He can go out, have fun, and then return to the team completely focused on the job. That ability to compartmentalize will prove invaluable moving forward. The fact he has no problems learning how to hate the Packers will help. Don’t forget he idolized Aaron Rodgers growing up. One would think it would think it might take time to get used to that. Williams is a competitor, though. He no longer sees them as a team he liked rooting for. They are merely in his way now.

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Jun 3, 2024 9:59 pm

JJones you’re right about one thing. JF’s personality wasn’t the reason he didn’t make it in Chicago – it was because he stunk.

Jun 3, 2024 2:33 pm

Now, that’s a jersey to buy!

Jun 3, 2024 2:31 pm

All this “personality evaluation” stuff makes a football fan realize what treasure the Chiefs (and the NFL) have in Patrick Mahomes.

It makes me miss Walter Payton that much more.

Jun 3, 2024 7:26 am

I see absolutely nothing in the details or videos of the article to backup the headline. In reality Caleb may need to lose the the Packers (CRINGE) the first time we play them in Lambeau and deal with their inbred hillbilly fans just once and that light bulb will turn on!

Dr. Steven Sallie
Dr. Steven Sallie
Jun 3, 2024 7:01 am

Well, then, I want to see Caleb commit plenty of hate crimes this year against Green Bay. For all other teams, just mere disdain will do.

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