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Jim Harbaugh To The Bears? Why Insider Says It’s Not Happening


The Jim Harbaugh rumors have been ever present around the Chicago Bears going all the way back to 2015. It isn’t a secret by now that the long-time head coach is interested in the job. His ties to Chicago run deep, having played quarterback here for several years. Getting the chance to bring the Bears back to prominence undoubtedly appeals to Harbaugh. The problem has always been the interest wasn’t shared. Chicago’s head coaching job has become available three times in the past eight years. Not once did they even interview him.

Some believe this time could be different. There was even an indication from insider Dianna Russini of The Athletic that the Bears have had internal discussions about it. However, another prominent insider has been quick to shoot it down. Jordan Schultz of The Score went on Bleacher Report Live to discuss the Harbaugh situation. While he does believe the coach will lean towards returning to the NFL, he doesn’t think the Bears will be the destination. Why? It goes back to his relationship with team president Kevin Warren.

Albert Breer hinted the two have had a contentious relationship going back to their three years together when Warren was Big Ten commissioner. Based on what Schultz has heard, the bad blood goes deeper than people think.

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Jim Harbaugh is too radioactive for the Bears.

Nobody is denying the guy gets results. He’s been a winner his entire coaching career, both in college and the NFL. However, he also has a long track record of quick exits. The guy is a walking controversy. It was beefing with Pete Carroll while at Stanford. It was beefing with the 49ers GM in San Francisco. Now, it’s a sign-stealing fiasco at Michigan that could lead to a suspension. The guy can’t seem to stay out of trouble. That doesn’t sound like somebody Bears ownership would be wild about employing.

Meanwhile, the recent report that they have an interest in Eric Bieniemy makes way more sense. He has direct ties to both Poles and Warren and has far more recent experience in the NFL. He also has two Super Bowl rings without the controversy to go along with it. Jim Harbaugh deserves credit for the success he’s had. However, it sounds like the current Bears power structure isn’t one that is likely to accept him and the baggage he carries.


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Dec 6, 2023 11:48 am

So a few things: The reason most NFL teams stay mired as losers or at best hang in the “mushy middle” is that they make decisions that aren’t based on rationale facts. Kevin W. knows and presumably likes Eric Bienemy. So what? You hire janitorial staff or Executive Admins or 1st time scouts because you “like” them or the person is someone’s kid that’s a friend. This is NOT the basis for hiring critical positions like DUH head coaches. Eric Bienemy as I mentioned is LESS than the sum of his credentials: Like “Clipboard Nagy” that is exactly what Bienemy… Read more »

scott brs
scott brs
Dec 6, 2023 8:20 am

What happened to Harbaugh will have a very good chance because of his great relationship with Warren?

Dec 6, 2023 8:02 am

This makes to much sense

Dec 6, 2023 7:34 am

@TomWaddle you mean the Harbaugh that’s wanted to come back to the NFL for years now and hasn’t received even an interview from any team? That guy?

You are also one who visits this page enough times, which likely means you are going to many other Bears pages as well, so stop act like people are idiots for being Bears fans. The Bears are taking up a lot of time in your life as well either as a fan or just a troll.

Dec 6, 2023 6:11 am

There it is!!!!! used the word dolt again! I thought maybe you turned a corner when you went a whole comment without saying meatball or dolt but nope here ya are! As for the article I will say that if Warren blocks Harbaugh simply because of a personal beef then he needs to go! If he’s gonna be in charge of football operations then he needs to be man enough to set shit aside and do what’s best for the team! If that’s Harbaugh or anyone else it doesn’t matter but Warren can’t let emotions play into business.

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