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Jayden Daniels Reportedly Made Strong Impression In First Bears Interview


Caleb Williams is getting all the buzz lately. He’s been the heavy favorite to go #1 overall for two years now, thanks to his exploits at Oklahoma and USC. People have said they would be stunned if the Chicago Bears passed on him for somebody else. That said, other quarterbacks in this 2024 draft class have their fair share of fans. One of them is Jayden Daniels. The reigning Heisman trophy winner had a stellar season at LSU, throwing 40 touchdown passes and only four interceptions. All of that came on top of him showcasing his rare athleticism as a runner.

Nobody debates the guy blossomed in every way imaginable. His progress as a pocket passer was the most notable, making throws into windows most college quarterbacks don’t even bother trying. The talent is obvious. What the Bears need to know is whether he has the mental faculties necessary to handle playing quarterback in Chicago. A source informed SM that he made a hell of a first impression during his 15-minute interview with them at the scouting combine.

He came across as “charismatic,” a “ball of energy,” intelligent, and quick with answers. While it isn’t wise to glean much from such a short meeting, it is at least apparent Daniels wasn’t forgettable.

Jayden Daniels is a bigger threat to Williams than people think.

For all the talk about what Williams can do, Daniels can do them too. He also did them in the SEC, the best conference in college football. Williams did all of his damage in the Big 12 and Pac-12, two conferences that have never been known for great defense. Also, Daniels is 6’4, which is a preferred height for the NFL. Williams is 6’1. The only thing that has some people concerned about the LSU quarterback is his weight (210 lbs) and the fact he turns 24 this year. Teams tend to prefer younger prospects in the draft.

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Something to remember here. GM Ryan Poles said he wants players who are resilient, who have seen challenges and overcome them. Jayden Daniels is a perfect example. Many thought his career was finished after things flamed out at Arizona State, marred by injuries and coaching issues. For him to emerge from that wreckage to win the Heisman is a testament to his perseverance. The fact he’s saying the right things in interviews is another step in the right direction.


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Mar 1, 2024 10:15 pm

40 TD’s with only 4 INT’s? In the SEC? Current Heisman Trophy recipient?

I prefer those results over CW passing against PAC 12 defenses.

Now, the secret is scheming, that produces opportunities to deliver those type of results.

Trade down! Get the extra draft capital, and still get a quality pick at QB. IMO

Last edited 1 month ago by blockwood9
Mar 1, 2024 9:39 pm

NFL GMs thought Montana and Brady were too thin, too.
Give me a QB who gets it done when the game is on the line.
And, lots of players put on weight and muscle once NFL team gets them on a proven diet and workout schedule with their trainers.

Mar 1, 2024 9:30 pm

Check out Gene Chamberlain’s latest, “Potential Issues with QB Alternatives” to learn more about the ineptitude of GM, Ryan Poles.

Kevin Warren should have pulled the plug — He had the chance.

How does an NFL GM screw up the overall #1 selection in back-to-back NFL drafts?

Stay tuned, and you’ll be a witness.

Rick Deckard
Rick Deckard
Mar 1, 2024 9:02 pm

The last paragraph of the article has the following “GM Ryan Poles said he wants players who are resilient…” I think resiliency is physical as well as mental. Poles was referring to mental toughness, but I think Daniels will get tossed around much like Tua was. Do you feel comfortable with that coming from a top 3 pick?

Mar 1, 2024 6:54 pm

Daniels has qualities that organizations need. That improvement was indicative of three things: the mentality of Daniels, the quality of coaching (necessary against strong SEC defenses every year, and lastly, the coAching staff didn’t forget the receivers. LSU, like Ohio State, has been a receiver factory for years. Jefferson, Beckham are just two of the mature NFL receivers. Nabers will come through too. But Daniels also went looking for challenges when he left Arizona. Williams followed what was comfortable for him. I don’t know if the Bears will take Daniels, Williams or someone else. Who knows, they make take no… Read more »

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