The Chicago Bears have made it clear so far this year that they are dead set on preventing a youth movement on their roster for as long as possible. Especially on offense. They continue to forge ahead with Andy Dalton at quarterback over Justin Fields. Jimmy Graham remains employed despite the presence of Cole Kmet. On top of that, they signed a 39-year old Jason Peters at left tackle rather than give an opportunity to Larry Borom. The rookie 5th round pick who showed remarkable improvement in training camp.

Everybody from Matt Nagy to Ryan Pace and Juan Castillo have all sung the praises of Borom for the past month. Yet they still went ahead with signing Peters despite no training camp work. He is slated to start this Sunday in Los Angeles. One Bears insider believes this is a mistake. Adam Jahns of The Athletic, who has attended every camp practice and preseason game, believes the Bears are not seizing an opportunity by playing Borom.

“I’m not convinced that Borom, a fifth-round pick this year, isn’t the Bears’ best option at left tackle right now.

The team has been very complimentary of Peters, but almost too much. At 39 years old, Peters’ stamina and durability will be worth watching every week he plays.”

This wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment thing either. When asked during a Q&A session a couple of days later whether he actually believed that? Jahns doubled down.

“Yes, I do.”

It’s an interesting situation.

The Bears’ depth chart has taken on a weird look with the offensive line. Not only do they have their two starters at tackle, but also three backups. Elijah Wilkinson and Lachavious Simmons are exclusive to the right side. Borom, who was a right tackle in college, is exclusive to the left. Weird. Yet the results have certainly looked encouraging.

His first-ever live-action at left tackle last month came in the second preseason game against Buffalo. Though credited with allowing four pressures in 29 snaps, it wasn’t entirely his fault. Some of it was attributed to Justin Fields holding the ball. His tape showed promising signs. Then the next week in Tennessee? He was much better, allowing zero pressures in 14 snaps.

Larry Borom may continue the Bears’ 5th round heater

Seriously though. Pace and his scouts have had some incredible good fortune in that area of the draft since he took over. Just look at the list of names.

  • Adrian Amos
  • Jordan Howard
  • Bilal Nichols
  • Darnell Mooney

This doesn’t include Trevis Gipson who looks like he is ready to take a big step forward as well after a dominant preseason. If the Bears somehow found their left tackle of the future in Larry Borom? That would continue one of the craziest runs in franchise history. The team said from the beginning that they had 2nd and 3rd round grades on him coming out of Missouri. Based on what Jahns is saying, that isn’t embellishment.

They have high expectations of this young man.

It doesn’t feel like a stretch that he will be starting at that spot before this season ends. Not just because he has done enough to earn the chance. Also because Peters hasn’t played a full season since 2018. Tackles his age have never gone a complete 16 games without missing time. Now that it’s 17? The odds are even lower. Borom likely just has to be patient.

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