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Insider Claims Caleb Williams Already Looks Better Than Justin Fields


There was a lot of debate among Chicago Bears fans and the media during the early stages of the off-season. Many wanted to keep Justin Fields. He’d shown significant progress down the stretch of last season. Teammates seemed to love him. Better to trade the #1 overall pick for another mountain of assets and let Fields keep growing. GM Ryan Poles didn’t see it that way. What Fields had produced on the field was better, but that didn’t mean it was good enough. While he was a quarterback the Bears could win with, Poles felt Caleb Williams could be one they win because of.

So, the decision was made to make a change. Fields was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a conditional 6th round pick. A month later, Williams heard his name called on draft night. Poles seemed calm and confident about his decision. There might be growing pains along the way, but the Bears felt this decision was the right one for the organization. Adam Hoge of CHGO has covered Williams throughout the early practices in OTAs and mandatory minicamps. He saw enough to give him confidence of saying one thing is certain.

The rookie is already as good of a passer as Fields was at the end of last season, if not better.

Caleb Williams is showcasing that talent on a daily basis.

People already knew the USC star could move around and make crazy plays on the run. The Bears defense is finding out he is far more than that. T.J. Edwards admitted Williams already got them by using his eyes to manipulate coverage. He’s followed up mistakes with big plays. He’s learning faster than anybody expected. It isn’t like the Bears are coddling him, either. They’ve opened the entire playbook to him and are regularly throwing disguised coverages and blitzes at him. He never seems overwhelmed.

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If Fields had played the entire season last year, he would’ve finished with 3,350 yards and 20 touchdown passes. That appears to be Caleb Williams’ floor this season. It would be by far the best year a Bears rookie quarterback has ever produced. The fact it took Fields three years to reach that point should tell you how far along Williams is as a passer. This isn’t a long-term project. He is ready to go right now. The Bears have put a great supporting cast around him, too.


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Jun 10, 2024 8:39 am

I believe how a team develops a QB and the system implemented are just as important as the player’s athletic ability and skill set.
The Bears have clearly set Caleb up to succeed by surrounding him with playmakers and a pre-season plan to get him used to NFL pressure. Caleb is getting a solid foundation to grow from. Justin never did.
Anyway, the Bears appear to have learned from their past mistakes. Caleb is improving and gaining confidence. And, the offense is generating more excitement than the defense for once. Go Bears!

Last edited 23 days ago by Veece
Jun 8, 2024 9:13 am

Turn the page, Optimism and hope are good things. Bear Down.

Jun 7, 2024 8:10 pm

As Paw used to say, some people just don’t have Second Chair Oboe player in their genes…

Dr. Steven Sallie
Dr. Steven Sallie
Jun 7, 2024 7:19 pm

Looks like many negatives against you. But at least vulgar comments do not attack you personally. On the flip side, I once had 72 thumbs up and 0 down for a political issue on the LA Times. But that did not make me happy. So, I added an extreme corollary to the main points. Within an hour, I received 13 down votes. That made feel better because it was worth it to me.

I dug Plank
I dug Plank
Jun 7, 2024 2:57 pm

Enough about Fields, we broke up with him and have a new QB-heart and will hopefully have a long and happy relationship.

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