The Chicago Bears aren’t out of this thing yet. Sure it looks bad. They’re 5-5 and have lost four in a row. Still, they’re only one game out of the playoff picture. If they can steady themselves and rebound down the stretch? It isn’t crazy to think they can still sneak into January. Most people are sure of one thing though. If they fail and/or boast a losing record? Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace are certainly gone.

Right? There is just no way to defend that. Remember this team started 5-1. They were in a position to take control of first place in the entire NFC. Now they’re barely hanging onto any hope for the playoffs. That is how rapid their decline was. If they finish 7-9 after that kind of start, it is inexcusable. Especially since it was primarily due to the ongoing struggles of the offense. A situation brought about by Pace’s bad decision on Mitch Trubisky and Nagy’s inability to coach everybody else up.

How could the McCaskeys justify keeping them at that point?

There is a way. It comes from one simple word: pity. Nagy and Pace had a plan when the offseason began. They wanted to hold a full-fledged quarterback competition between Trubisky and Nick Foles. Then move the offense forward from there. Those plans were summarily tossed in the woodchipper when COVID-19 struck. Suddenly the entire offseason was ruined. Minicamps? OTAs? Preseason? All gone.

With them went essential practice reps not only for the quarterbacks but also the rest of the offense. All of whom were learning from almost an entirely new staff Nagy put in place after firing several offensive coaches. It’s something the head coach and those new assistants have lamented for months.

Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace could plead this case to ownership

Basically, they say this year didn’t work out because of injuries and an inability to break in so many new parts fast enough. Give them a proper offseason next year with a chance to shore up problematic areas on offense. They can get this thing right. The defense is still good. Just let them take one more fair crack at fixing the offense.

George McCaskey has expressed respect and admiration for both men. He believes in what they’re trying to accomplish. Both are leaders. Being a family man, it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to think he could be swayed into giving them one more chance. Especially since it might save the Bears from forking out a few more million dollars trying to find replacements.

Never underestimate the value of saving money to this organization.

Particularly when business has been down because of the virus fallout. One more year of Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace might seem a bit more tolerable to them under such conditions. While both men remain on the hot seat, they haven’t reached the point of no return. If the team can make some kind of run down the stretch, that should be enough to avoid the ax. However, if the collapse continues? All bets are off.