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Former GM Makes Interesting Point On Justin Fields’ Struggles


The Justin Fields discussion isn’t about to go away anytime soon. It feels like this is something that will be ongoing for the next two months as the Chicago Bears try to figure out whether the young QB is their future or not. Everybody knows the situation. This regime didn’t draft him. He’s struggled to overcome some of the problems that plagued him as a rookie. The weak supporting cast around him isn’t helping. People aren’t sure who to blame.

The truth is, answers likely won’t come into focus until December. One person that believes the Bears must stay patient with the young quarterback is Randy Mueller. The former GM appeared on Sports Talk Chicago to discuss the team. When asked about Fields, he offered optimism. For all the peaks and valleys thus far, he thinks the QB isn’t a lost cause. However, he did make one interesting point. From what he’s watched thus far, Mueller has questions about whether Fields has genuinely bought into Luke Getsy’s new offense.

Justin Fields’ frustration is hard to deny.

He hates losing, and the ongoing struggles with a new system could be adding to that. He’s never played in this type of offense before. Fields made his name at Ohio State, where he spent most of his time in shotgun, running many run-pass options. He is under center a lot more often in Getsy’s system and must have his back to the defense on several plays. That is not easy to learn. It can feel unnatural to many quarterbacks.

This isn’t anything new. It can take a long time for somebody to embrace a new offense. Lack of familiarity breeds indecision, and indecision leads to mistakes. Justin Fields has more interceptions than touchdowns, seven fumbles, and 23 sacks in this case. It hasn’t been a fun time for him. Mueller sounds concerned that he may resist the system because of these issues, which may make things worse.

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Getsy, to his credit, has insisted something like this could happen. Mastery of the quarterback position doesn’t happen overnight. Fields needs experience. He needs reps. The more he plays in the offense, the better he’ll get. It is a matter of letting the process play out.


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Michael Hughes
Reply to  Jeff
Oct 24, 2022 8:32 am

Say it louder for the folks in the back

Oct 24, 2022 5:45 am

If you don’t like the franchise then don’t root for it. Go root for the washed up cheeseheads.

Michael Hughes
Oct 24, 2022 5:02 am

Chicago wants immediate results. This fan base is awful. The team isn’t a disaster. We have to lose to gain talent. You just can’t have free agent after free agent to solve your issues. Pace didn’t draft well enough. And he was a free agent machine. He always wanted the homerun. But you can’t keep trading away draft picks to win today. Free agency is used to enhance your roster while you draft your team. So now, Poles has to rid this team of old money. We don’t want to keep picking seven – twelve. That tells you that you’re… Read more »

William Swerski
William Swerski
Oct 23, 2022 5:41 pm

This dude is not the future. Feels like the same trubisky nightmare all over again. Only this isn’t just thr second time we gave up the farm for a garbage qb. This franchise is pathetic and I have no idea why anybody still roots for a team that is run by morons.

Send us the Jags, stick them in soldier field and F off in Arlington.

Oct 23, 2022 4:53 pm

A lot going on in Fields head right now. He needs to trust the play call and even if the receiver is in what he perceives as tight coverage, pull the frickin trigger!

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