Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Former Exec Insists The Bears Nailed the Trade For Nick Foles


While the fans, for the most part, didn’t want anything to do with the Chicago Bears trading for Nick Foles, not everybody was upset by it. In fact, more than a few guys with NFL credentials came out in support of it. None more so than the former player and personnel director Louis Riddick. The current analyst for ESPN came out in full vocal support of the move when it was officially announced by Adam Schefter on Wednesday.

Critics tried to talk him down, saying he didn’t know what he was talking about. Riddick remained steadfast. He made it clear that Foles wasn’t just a good fit for the Bears. He was a perfect fit. Also he stated people were being steered way too hard by what happened in Jacksonville, an organization notorious for mismanaging players.

With the Bears hoping that their trade will result in an increase in wins, the odds appear that the move will do exactly that. Since the trade, pundits, such as Pointsbet, have given Chicago an increase of half of a win when projecting their win totals for the 2020 season.

Riddick believes it will be the Nick Foles show soon

It’s not a huge surprise that Riddick is a supporter of Foles. He was pro personnel director for the Eagles back in 2012, the same year they drafted Foles in the 3rd round. The exec then watched him bust out a crazy year in 2013 that saw him throw for 27 touchdowns and just two interceptions in 10 games. Combine that with the Super Bowl MVP run he had in 2017, and he knows for a fact that Foles can play at a high level against good teams.

Something the Bears haven’t seen from Trubisky.

They have a great defense. They have a #1 receiver in Allen Robinson. If they can solidify the offensive line and add maybe one more weapon, Foles should be able to do some damage on that side of the ball. Maybe Chicago won’t have the best offense in the league, but it would almost certainly be an improvement over what they had in 2019. This is what Pace and Nagy are aiming for. In absence of a giant leap forward, settle for a small step.

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