Finally Some Proof That Ryan Pace And Matt Nagy Are In Trouble

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Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy have always passed themselves off as the eternal optimists. Two guys who always feel the Chicago Bears are close to figuring things out. That is fine when speaking to the cameras. The problem is this organization doesn’t need optimists right now. It needs realists. Guys who understand this team isn’t winning a Super Bowl this year. Or even getting close to one.

The Bears have lost three games in a row. All of them by double digits to the Packers, Buccaneers, and 49ers. Their offense is one of the worst in the NFL despite the steady improvement of rookie QB Justin Fields. They also have the second-oldest roster in the league. This has the look and feel of a team that is in decline and in need of a reboot. A GM and head coach that operate logically would understand they need to start thinking about stockpiling future assets.

The trade deadline offered their last real opportunity to do so.

Nothing happened. Despite lots of interest regarding a number of their players, especially wide receiver Allen Robinson, no deal was made. Is the team brass too dumb to realize their situation? Some would argue that. However, the reality is much simpler than that. Pace and Nagy could not afford to sell off anybody on the roster. If they do, it’s basically a forfeiture of the season.

This is where some may see the anticlimax as a silver lining. The fact no moves were made sends a clear message. That Pace and Nagy are not 100% secure beyond 2021. An unwillingness to unload any notable veterans like Robinson or Akiem Hicks makes it obvious the two men at the top can’t afford to do so. Why? A losing season likely would end up costing them their jobs.

Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy better hope for a miracle now

The Bears are 3-5 with the surging Pittsburgh Steelers up next. Then they get the Baltimore Ravens coming out of the bye week. They may have pulled themselves out of long losing streaks before but this schedule is way more difficult than others they’ve faced. Combine that with a rookie QB and a declining defense. This team looks destined for six wins. Their worst finish since 2017.

Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy will have failed to produce a winning record in three of five seasons. Nagy’s offenses have never ranked higher than 21st. Pace has failed to produce enough star power via the draft to make the Bears a true contender. His misfires on Kevin White, Mitch Trubisky, Adam Shaheen, and Anthony Miller loom large. Not to mention his ultra-aggressive style has left the cupboard bare of draft picks for next year.

There is nowhere to go.

Either they sell at the deadline and build resources for the next regime or they cling to what they have and pray the team can make a big turnaround to reach the playoffs. The decision was an obvious one from their perspective. So while the lack of obvious movement was disappointing, it did offer confirmation many fans are looking for. The two men at the top are in deep trouble.

Educated to be a writer at the prestigious Columbia College in Chicago, Erik has spent the past 10 years covering the Bears.